Daily 5 Chapter 4

Launching Read to Self:
So in addition to reading the book I was also able to get my hands on the videos from our district.  Watching the launch of Read to Self was great to see and really helped me envision what this will look like in my classroom. 

I already use the "3 ways to read a book" lesson in my classroom each year.  Not exactly but it's close.  In the videos Joan talks about how highlighting the fact that looking at the pictures is 1 way to read a book gives ownership to novice readers.  No one in the classroom will be able to say "I can't read" because looking at the pictures is reading.  Brilliant! 

They also discuss in the videos the placing of children around the room in the beginning.  I was wondering why this was so important because I have always had children find their own spots and had a "book nook" monitor to make sure everyone was spread out and not sitting too close.  However, Joan and Gail discuss how placing students in the beginning is an important step that shouldn't be skipped.  By placing students around the room it models the correct way to find a place so they are ready when the time comes.  So smart!

Checking back in is one of my favorite parts of the Daily 5 because it reinforces the lesson and also the behaviors that are expected during reading.  I also love the quiet signal, because who likes to be interrupted with a loud noise while they are reading?

I can't wait to get started with these lessons in my class this year and I am loving reading everyone's thoughts on the chapters!