Daily 5 Chapter 3

Ok, I am playing a little catch up here but I think this chapter is so important because it deals with establishing routines.  I just love this part of summer!  Organizing, planning, re-energizing...I've been in full motion since school got out!

Establishing a gathering place:  I already use a gathering place in my room but I love the way Daily 5 incorporates frequent breaks at the rug to check in and change direction.

Good Fit Books:  I'm really excited about this!  I have been trying to get all the books in my classroom organized for a couple of years now and I think I've finally got it!  I first started organizing by following Jessica Meacham's advice to label book bins.  She has a great link to labels at her website www.jmeacham.com.  I just love her!  

 Here are all of my author bins along with favorite characters.
 These are all of the non-fiction books in my classroom, finally put into individual book bins!
 A little more non-fiction
Chapter books!

So now that I feel like I know where everything is at I think it will be easier for my students to find good fit books by using the key principles introduced in this chapter.  Purpose (separating non-fiction from the fiction in my room) Interest (putting books in categories that appeal to students) Comprehend (I have a good mix of all levels in each bin) and Know. Now I just need to put together my individual book boxes and get them set up for the kiddos!