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Safari Themed Bulletin Boards

This was one of my bulletin boards last year with a "Wild about Reading" theme. (At the end of the year as I was cleaning up and packing!)  I am going to go with a Safari theme this year as my classroom will be focusing on the continent of Africa.  In all of my searches online I have such a hard time finding ideas for Safari themes, it seems like it would be more popular!
I made this bulletin board with scraps of fabric from Walmart (they got rid of our fabric department, and now just have little bits of things).  Thanks to my hubby and kids they found a few "Wild" fabric pieces that went with my theme.  The borders are just big pieces of brown butcher paper rolled up with ivy leaves stapled here and there.  It held up all year and I used the 3 separate sections for different purposes throughout the year including "Theme of the Week" and "Genre of the Week" which worked well in 5th grade.  I'm wondering how I will work these into 1st grade next year!
In related news...I went into my classroom today and my white boards have been installed!  I had all black boards in my room (4 of them, really!).  I asked them to keep one of my black boards because I thought it would make a great place for my word wall and now I have 3 beautiful new white boards covering an entire wall!  I'm super excited to get into my room and start placing furniture! Pictures to come!