Miss B, Busy Bee Awesome Giveaway!

Here is a link to Miss B, Busy Bee (I love the blog name by the way!) and her great giveaway!  I can feel her enthusiasm for teaching just through reading her words!

And here are the details for her giveaway:
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Great Art Ideas!


What an awesome website!  Patty has great art ideas and management tips for art in the classroom.  I discovered this site at the end of last year and did more art in my room in the last few weeks of school than I did all year,  my kids loved it and so did I!  Go to this site and help support an awesome art teacher!

Here was a project we did on Keith Haring, it made for a great bulletin board in our hallway!

Safari Themed Bulletin Boards

This was one of my bulletin boards last year with a "Wild about Reading" theme. (At the end of the year as I was cleaning up and packing!)  I am going to go with a Safari theme this year as my classroom will be focusing on the continent of Africa.  In all of my searches online I have such a hard time finding ideas for Safari themes, it seems like it would be more popular!
I made this bulletin board with scraps of fabric from Walmart (they got rid of our fabric department, and now just have little bits of things).  Thanks to my hubby and kids they found a few "Wild" fabric pieces that went with my theme.  The borders are just big pieces of brown butcher paper rolled up with ivy leaves stapled here and there.  It held up all year and I used the 3 separate sections for different purposes throughout the year including "Theme of the Week" and "Genre of the Week" which worked well in 5th grade.  I'm wondering how I will work these into 1st grade next year!
In related news...I went into my classroom today and my white boards have been installed!  I had all black boards in my room (4 of them, really!).  I asked them to keep one of my black boards because I thought it would make a great place for my word wall and now I have 3 beautiful new white boards covering an entire wall!  I'm super excited to get into my room and start placing furniture! Pictures to come!

Still Working out the Kinks!

I am playing with this here and there as I get the time and just figuring out how to post a picture.  It sure does take a long time to load, that may just be me though!
This is really just a test to figure out how to add a picture to my blog, but I am already missing my classroom after moving out last month.  The good news is I get to design a new classroom at a new school and a new grade level!  This was my 5th grade library, organized by genre (labels were already removed because I was in the middle of moving when I took this picture).  What I am contemplating now is how I will organize these shelves to house book bins for Reader's Workshop in a 1st grade classroom.   So between moving and remodeling a house, this is my new project until it's time to start moving into my new room.  I'm excited to get in there and start organizing! 

Sharing Rug

My husband and I found a great find today at a home improvement store!  We were shopping for tile for our house and as we were browsing we noticed a stack of rugs.  They were getting rid of all the display rugs they have hanging in the flooring department.  I got a $300 rug for $20!  I am doing a "Safari" theme this year in my classroom and got a safari themed rug for my sharing area.   It will be a nice area to sit for sharing time and stories.  Getting excited to set up my room and post some pictures!

Ah! My first post!

Hello!  My name is Heather Langley and I have been teaching for 6 years.  I have spent my time split between 5th grade and Kindergarten and love both grades for different reasons but this year I am venturing out to teach 1st.  I am really excited, but looking for new ideas to get my year going.  During my endless searches online, I have run across so many blogs that have been so helpful, so here I am starting my own blog.  This will be interesting, but I am ready for the challenge!