Fine Motor Success

Do you ever read a blog post and then just think.....oh man, I need to do that!

Yeah, me too.

All the time! 

I am an avid blog hopper and today's success is all thanks to Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten. You can read her post that inspired me HERE. It's all about fine motor morning work. 

I read her post some time last year and thought to myself I should put those together because they would be great. forward a year later and I finally got around to it! I am kicking myself because they are so awesome!  I followed her directions almost exactly to set up my fine motor drawers. Right down to the drawers I purchased at Walmart. I had most of what I needed from scrapbooking, craft time, and just random things I have saved over the years. I went to the Dollar Store and bought about $13.00 worth of materials to get started and I bought the bins at Walmart for about $56.00. That was the priciest part of the project. 

The idea of fine motor morning work is to get kiddos working with their hands to build those muscles. This was success and totally worth the money.  
Small beads and tweezers to build letters. 

Straws and scissors. Building those skills! 

Hole punches from my scrap booking days. 

$1 playdough set from the Dollar Tree. Win! 

We are working these in after our initial morning work every morning. As soon as they finish they are able to go to their bin and get to work. It is making our morning routine a super productive time!

Here is an example of the morning work we use each day. You can see it in my store HERE
Right now they are all about introducing the alphabet and building routines. Later we introduce sight words, grammar skills, and sentence writing. 

Thanks for stopping in today! Again, check out A Differentiated Kindergarten for more great ideas for fine motor bins!