Alphabet Centers in Kindergarten

In July my mind starts turning to the beginning of the year and I start thinking about the alphabet. Yes. The alphabet....(you might be thinking beach, I'm think ABC's)

I remember that all of my brand new, bright eyed, bushy tailed kindergarteners are going to be bursting with excitement to start learning to read but a lot of them will not know their letters. Like even one. The best way to get them the exposure they need is LOTS and LOTS of hands on stuff. Here are some summer finds that have me pretty excited.
I don't live near a Target so when I get to go it's a pretty big deal. I was visiting my sister in San Diego and I guess we just happened to hit her Target right when all the school stuff came out. I can usually resist but this time I could not. I mean....look at all of that alphabet goodness?

How am I going to use all this stuff?

Alphabet Magnets
I have metal doors in my classroom so magnet stations are easy peasy. These even come in zip lock bags (lets see how long those last!) so I will just leave them in there for now. I will provide my students with an ABC chart and then their job will be to put the alphabet in order. If you have spied these at your local Target you will notice that "I" is ice cream (ugh) "E" is eraser (really?) and "O" is orange (obviously not teacher created ). Hey...atleast there isn't a giraffe for G! I will still use them though because it's all about exposure. The odds of you messing up a kid for life with a picture of an ice cream cone are slim to none.

Alphabet Sorting Clips
I love having my kiddos use clothes pins in the classroom because it works on a skill (in this case the alphabet) and fine motor skills at the same time. I think these will be a good fit because they are nice and wide so (hopefully) they won't fall apart too soon. The cheap ones from Walmart always do but they are like a dollar for a million of them so I don't worry about it. These were 3 whole dollars so I hope I didn't waste my money. Ha!
I created this matching alphabet to print and laminate to use in this center. Students will match up the capital letter to the lower case letter. It gives them a little help too because the colors match. Plus it's pretty :) You can get it for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

One complaint??? This was annoying....
I got two V's and no K! If anyone in the kindergarten world out there has an extra K and would like to trade me for a V I would be forever grateful! 

Felt Alphabet Letters 
What am I going to do with these? You'll have to tune in later. I think I just came up with a plan but I have to run to my classroom to get a few things first. I'm kind of excited about it so it will force me out of my PJ's to go get what I need. That's a win win.

So the rest of my alphabet centers are discussed HERE in a blog post I did last summer. Below are a few sets I have that I find very useful during the first month or so of school to create really hands on alphabet centers. It's all about exposure! Thanks for stopping by today! 


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