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Melting Heart Crayons

I make these every year for my kiddos and they love them every time. This year I found a (faster) way to make them. Well, maybe not faster but probably more efficient.  
Here's how I made them in the past and I've included the updated more efficient ideas! 

First peel the crayons.  (This is the hardest part!)

Ok....here is the update: I don't use brand new crayons anymore. I make sure to keep all of my old crayons and I even have kiddos help me peel them throughout the year. 

Next, break the crayons into smaller pieces and place in a heart shaped muffin tin.  You can do any color combinations you like but I just use a regular box of crayons and mix them up.  24 crayons makes 9 of these heart shaped crayons perfectly!

Put in the oven at 200 degrees until all the crayons are melted.  Like this:
At this point I put them in the freezer to let them cool (quickly) and because I only had one of the pans and I have to do this 5 times to make enough for my whole class.  It only takes a few minutes for them to cool and then they pop right out but it takes forever when you have to go through the whole process 5 times. 

So this year I found the silicone hearts like this: 

And I am hoping they work in the microwave....that would really speed it up! 

Here is a link to the Valentine page I used to give them.  You can click on the pic to download from Google docs. 

The kiddos love these. They are really strange to color with and it is always a surprise what color you will end up coloring with but they are fun and the message is full of love. The best part is because I bought the tin years ago and I don't remember what I paid for them it is a practically free gift :) Happy Valentines day, start these early if you want to hand them out on the 14th! 

Here are some more Valentine products from my TPT shop!