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100 Day Projects

The 100th day of school. It is a special day, a milestone in the classroom and really a reason to celebrate the fact that we can count to 100!! After all...it's in the standards so use this as an excuse to party away! 

We have some special things that we do on the 100th day of school but I will be honest, in a half day program we are really just trying to squeeze it all in! One thing I always invite my students to participate in is our at home projects. Parents may be a little frustrated with me, but the kiddos certainly did enjoy bringing these beauties in! 

The jar projects were new for me this year. Great idea!

We had 100 paper airplanes, 100 army guys, 100 stickers, and 100 tiles!

A tutu with 100 pieces! 

There were so many, I couldn't take pictures of all of them but they were all super special. Their little faces beam when they bring in their projects to share. Of course it is completely educational too because this week we will connect this to our counting collections. I have some really fun things to share later this week for that. Stay tuned!

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I included a letter to send home to parents in this packet for the 100th day of school and it is full of really fun easy prep options for that special day. Have fun teaching (and partying) friends! 
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