What Are You Teaching? January 30

Yes...I've taken a little break! I took a trip to see all of my girls a few weeks back and it has taken me a little bit to get back into my groove. I'm back!  
So aren't they super cute? I miss having them all under one roof so moments like these are super special. If you have little ones at home don't take those moments for granted! 

So now, what are you teaching this week? Here are our plans! 

Yes....I really print all of my plans on stickies! I love them!

Morning Work: We are on week 5 of our morning work in Unit 4. All of my morning work combines the skills that we use in Reading Street for the week. This week we are working on the letter Ee, using a capital and period in a sentence and the sight words here, go, from. These pages help me keep on track with these basic skills: 
Centers: Centers will be a mix of If You Could Go to Antarctica (a weekly mix of centers aligned with Reading Street), my January Easy Prep centers, and some new First Sound Centers I made for my low babies. I am hoping this will help us make some connections this week! 

Small Groups: Most of my groups will be using the CVC set of Reading Intervention Made Easy. This week we are working on the middle e sound in CVC words. A couple of my groups will be working on the Phoneme Segmentation set. 

In writing we are starting our personal narratives unit. I will have more about this next week and some fun new projects! 

Math: This week are using Question of the Day as our start to the day during our morning meeting and this Daily Math Review for Quarter 3.  

and our math tubs are all from January Centers

Those are the basics this week. I promise I will take some pictures from our writing projects to share that later in the week and I also found some excellent deals at the Dollar Store for Valentines day centers that I'm really excited to try too! Lots of fun stuff coming. February is the best month!  

Here are links to all of the products I am using this week: