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Apple Day!

We just finished up our apple unit before we left for fall break last week. Quick explanation just so you don't think I'm a slacker.....half day program, short science time, you get the drift. I am excited to start our pumpkin unit when we get back but I wanted to make sure I shared these before I change gears! 
We started on day one with a 5 senses exploration. We listened to apples (silly right?) and found that objects sound different when you tap them on the table and on an apple. 
We tasted 3 types of apples and out of our two classes of kindergarten we had 2 different winners when we collected the data. Green and red were favorites with very few liking the yellow apples. 

Our last day of exploration was all about the inside of an apple. We talked about what it felt like, we labeled a diagram of the inside of an apple and ate our way down to the seeds. This was more difficult than you would imagine! We had tiny little apples but it still took awhile for us to get down to the core where we could start digging out the seeds!
Once we found all of the seeds in our apple we recorded how many in our science journal. Helpful tip....keep baby wipes handy to clean hands before you start in the journals. We were super sticky! 
 Each day when we finished our explorations we did read to someone with the apple books from our apple book bin. This was the quietest read to someone time ever!! I love that we have routine in place in our classroom so I can use it at key times. It was a good way to give students that were done early something to do with a partner that was no prep for me and  super engaging for them! 

If you want to see our apple unit in my TPT store you can click HERE
 Thanks for stopping by today! I am off to school to plan out my week. Fall break went by really fast!! Have a great week!