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What Are You Teaching?: April 25

Time to share our weekly plans and MAN OH MAN do we have a big week ahead of us!  4 days of field trips, animal research papers, DIBELS testing, student led conferences, AND I think it's going to be windy.  BRING IT ON! 

Morning Work: We ALWAYS start our day out this way.  I will have these on their desk until the very last day of school because it is our ROUTINE and it keeps us all SANE.  
This week we are focusing on sight words, the middle /u/ sound (and reviewing letter formation), reading CVC words, and writing sentences. 

Word Work Stations: At word work stations students will have a lot choices (as always!)  Our favorites are the Cut & Glue stations (sentences, -ut/-ug sort, and rhyming words), Listening Station, Word Search, and I Can Read Little Book.  All of these come from this week's set of centers for the story Alistair & Kip's Great Adventure.  I've also included our new CVC Write the Room pages.  They LOVE Write the Room! 

Reading: Reading mini lessons will be all about PLOT and focused on asking questions about the story.  We will practice this skill with a partner during Read to Someone.  We will also be working on these skills during our Guided Reading groups.   
Later in the week we will talk about accuracy (blending sounds and stretching the word) and practicing common sight words.  We have been working on the first 100 sight words on Fry's list through this RAINBOW WORDS set. I also have these available during word work so students can practice their own set differentiated to fit their needs. We will also have an opportunity to break out our HeidiSongs and practice our words on white boards.  You can read more about that HERE
Writer's Workshop: This is our wrap up activity for informative writing.  Last week we did a class research project all about beavers.  Now that we know what research looks like we are ready to try it on our own.  Students will pick an animal from this ALL ABOUT ANIMALS set that includes writing pages and mini books for their research.  
By the end of the week everyone will have their own research project to share with the rest of the class! 

Math: I'm super excited to start Unit 8 from Guiding Kinders. I didn't make it this far last year so all of the lessons are new for me this week too!  If you haven't heard of these units from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills you can check them out HERE.  I love them! 
We end each math lesson with Math Journals.  I'm really stepping this up this week to get them ready for 1st grade.  If you want to see how I run my math journal time you can read more about there HERE.  My MATH TUBS didn't change this week (that's the great thing about math tubs!).  They include easy prep centers from my April All Set? You Bet! centers. 

And now for more fun stuff!  Our kinders will participate in the second week of Water Literacy FIELD TRIPS with Ms.H2O to the Water Treatment Plant.  Last week's field trips to the river went great.  They are excited to head back out in the little white bus :). 

Wacky Wednesday we are starting our Materials and Motion kit from FOSS.  I'm really excited to start this one.  It's my favorite! Don't worry, I'll blog all about it :)   

We will also have Student Led Conferences on Tuesday this week.  This is an opportunity for families to come into the classroom and students get to show off all they have learned this year. Students share their portfolios with their parents and this year I have been playing with the Seesaw app to share some videos of them reading too.  I'm excited about this! 

Oh...and we are doing our end of year DIBELS testing.  No big deal....we got this! 

THAT is what I am teaching this week.  What are you teaching this week?  Have a great one!