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Musical Math

How do you incorporate music in the classroom?  I'm not a super musical person (you DO NOT want to be in the car with me when I start singing to the 80's station!) but music is an important part of my classroom.  My favorite way to do this is with Heidi Songs and I've been using her alphabet and sight word songs for years.  You can see more about how I incorporate those HERE

When I heard that there was a new Musical Math DVD available I was all over it.  This is a fantastic way to warm up for math time.  

Transitions in a Kindergarten classroom can be tricky.  If you can move them through the room with a little music it makes a HUGE difference! As soon as we are ready to transition to math I start a song and they know it means it's time to get to the rug and SING.....and DANCE!

I introduced two new songs this week from the DVD.  The Rekenrek song and the Subitizing song.  

Here are some pics from our day! 
Movement, math concepts, and more!  
We stand up and sing and dance to the song.  Then we sit down and get to work with some hands on manipulatives. 

Students build the numbers in the song on the rekenrek

I'm really glad I made my rekenrek red and white last year.  I don't know if this is standard, but it was all I had in beads at the time! They match the video perfectly.  
  We've been using the rekenreks for a while now but this really hit the concept home.  Same goes with subitizing.  We've been using flash cards with dots and ten frames all year but now because of the song they know they are SUBITIZING.  It's awesome to know a big fun word to go with what we are doing!

I can't wait to get to some more songs next week.  This DVD is going to be a new staple in my math routine.  
Here's a preview of a couple of the videos: 

If you want to check out this product and more from Heidi click HERE.  You won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by today friends.  I've been waiting all week to share this with you!