Kindergarten Reading Time

Last night I shared how we shop for books (pick out books) each week.  Today I thought I would share what we do with those books once we have them!  I enjoyed watching them enjoy their books today.  It's amazing to me that these little babes came to me in August not reading and now they are READING!  Really reading!  

I teach a Daily 5 model in my room and we have 4 rotations every morning. Students complete morning work (this one is required) then they choose the next 3 rotations from the following choices in their whatever order they want.  Word Work, Lexia (on the computers/iPads), Read to Self, and Listening to Reading.  We use our book boxes (with our chosen books) during our Read to Self time. 

So here are some quick pics of what that part of the day looks like! 

We meet together at the end of all of our choice time and have a round of Read to Someone.  They LOVE this part of the day! 

THAT'S how we use our book boxes!  It makes it really simple to go and read when they already have all of their materials ready to go.  They keep their paper books, decodables, and unfinished word work in their too.  

I buy my book boxes at IKEA.  I have two classes (45 students) and they cost me about $20.   Easy storage solution and affordable!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy Reading!