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Five for Friday April 22nd

 It's been a LONG week but a good one!  Time for Five for Friday! 

 We spent the WHOLE week on field trips!  11 kiddos at a time went on city sponsored field trip.  It was a little crazy each morning getting them ready to go but we really had the process down pat by Thursday!  They visited our local river this week and next week they will be visiting the Waste Water Treatment plant.  Fun fun! 
 I have 8000 glue sticks in my room.  Seriously, I'm never out.  I moved into a room that had an OVERLOAD of them 2 years ago and I don't think I'll ever run out!  I've never felt like I needed another glue option but recently I have tried glue sponges (yes...I think I'm the last one to actually give them a shot!)  My kiddos really love them!  My favorite part is that there really isn't the "wrong" amount of glue to use.  This has been a win for me this week! 
 Earth day centers meant white boards and drawing!  I usually have them use the white boards for writing only (to save on dry erase pens....cause those things drive me crazy!) Today I let loose and let them draw pictures to save paper on earth day. :) 
We did our first research papers this week with a class research project all about beavers.  Our story of the week was Building Beavers.  They are amazing little animals!  Next week we will be working on independent research projects.  Who said Kindergarteners can't do research 

This song has been going through my head non stop!  It's spring time and we just can't keep our hands to ourselves in Kindergarten!  I'm hoping with the departure of the full moon our behavior will improve next week! 
Have a great weekends friends!