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Math Monday! Easy Prep Math Tubs

Math tubs are by far one of my favorite things I've implemented since returning to Kindergarten last year.  I wish I had known about these when I taught first grade!  I've blogged about these before but after doing a quick prep Sunday afternoon to get them ready for the month I just had to share.  Seriously....if you aren't using math tubs I encourage you to consider them!  

I have this great shelf my mom bought me a few years ago and I originally used it as a library.  I bought the red dishpans at Walmart for about $2 each.  They are super durable!  I have had them for about 6 years now and they will be able to withstand many more years in Kinder.  I labeled them with my Cricut (I do have to re-label them every year).  

I attached the numbers with Mod Podge.  They start to peel by the end of the year but that just gives me a chance to switch out the colors each year if I want. :) 

The bins are large enough to hold whatever I want.  I can throw just about anything in there to create a math tub.  At the beginning of the year I just fill them with blocks and other manipulatives to train my kiddos.   Now we can put activities and partner games in our math tubs for extra practice.  

When do I use math tubs?  I use them for my "early finishers" during our math time.  Students that get done and have the concept go to a math tub and work with a partner.  This gives me extra time to work with students that need the extra one on one time.

What do I put in there now?  Here is a little preview of my centers that will be available for the rest of the month for my kiddos.  YES....I said all month!   I switch them out at the beginning of the month and never.think.about.them.again.   Seriously.  Easy peasy right? 
  I got the large dice at the Dollar Store and I use a random mix of manipulatives for all my games.  If you don't have traditional "manipulatives" you can use anything!  Pennies, beans, buttons....you name it!  

These are my saving grace!  Our math tub time comes at the end of the day and it is a wonderful time to let them "play" and just be little. I enjoy watching them work with partners, play a math game, and just be a little silly too.  We don't have enough of that in our half day program!  

If you would like to see my Easy Prep centers you can click HERE. There are also great ELA centers included too and more options for math if you need more than the 4 I've highlighted here.  They have saved me on more than one occasion!  

I hope your first day back (if you had kiddos today) went great!  I had a GREAT day!  I missed my kiddos so much (and they missed me too...so that's a plus!)