Alphabet Superhero: Learning our ABC's is an ADVENTURE!

I've been working on a product for the start of the new school year for a little while now.  OK, since Spring Break!  This was a massive under taking and there were moments that I wondered what I was doing.  I was not disappointed with the end result!

Alphabet Superheroes have everything you need to teach every letter of the alphabet.  Each set has letter recognition activities, hands on crafts and activities, and worksheets for extra practice.  There is a craft included for each letter (which I intend on saving and turning into an alphabet book!).

Here is a little sneak peek! 

I generally don't do a "look at what I made" post but I'm just so excited about these! We have a half day program at our school and these activities will happen in our extention program.  I will also be using some of the activities in my daily centers.  

Thanks for stopping by tonight, I'll be posting my Monday Made It late tomorrow because I got busy today and forgot it was Monday!  I have a cute project though, I just have to put it together :) 
Until then, enjoy the sunshine!