Peek at my Week

Can you say SLUMP?  I've been in such a slump, or shall we say FUNK lately that I don't feel like I have time for ANYTHING.  
I have all those stupid (yes I said stupid) little forms that need to be filled out and copied and sent to recipient A,B, and C and yet another stack of "Don't Forget ME" papers that are killing me.  I don't know if I've ever felt so behind in my 10 years of teaching.  Sigh.   I feel a bit better after complaining.  Thanks for listening. 

Planning?  Oh my lanta.  I plan....just not very well to share.  Sorry.  Bare bones here this week.  I have 2 bright rays of sunshine to share before I get down to the nitty gritty.  
My beautiful daughters went to prom this weekend.  It was a 3 day event for my oldest and atleast a 2 day event for my little.  I don't remember prom being so much work......they did look beautiful though.  I spent Saturday taking pictures, serving dinner, and then sitting at home waiting for updates.  They all had a good time! 

Here's a peek at Kindergarten this week! 

We are wrapping up a six week unit in so many different ways!  It's hard to get a handle on everything we have going on.  This week our reading unit will focus on transportation (how we get to school), I have a science unit I am squeezing into any spare second we have on balance and motion (that the kids are LOVING) and in writing we are writing "How To" books and focusing on our science component this week.  Oh my.....I didn't do a good job putting this all on paper but it's happening.  I promise. 

A little fun with spinners last week.....
How To books on our own topic last week.  This week we will pick a topic that involves motion (our science topic).  

And last but not least.....this happens sometimes. 

I had 10 extra minutes on Friday (yes...just 10).  I took my afternoon group out for a quick recess and my 2 most energetic boys sat down and worked together to dig a hole to China.  They didn't throw sand, bother their neighbors, or screech uncontrollably.  

They just sat down and started digging.  
Working together to solve a problem. 

Sometimes amazing things happen in Kindergarten when you sit back.....and do nothing.  Ok....not nothing, but sit back and let it happen :) 

Have a great week friends!