Five for Friday: Measurement, Elephant Hats, and a Full Moon!

Anyone out there notice it was a full moon this week?  Anyone?  Well in case you missed it, it was there I promise.  I didn't even have to look outside to know it, we showed it all week.  It was crazy with behavior this week but we somehow managed to make our way to Friday and actually accomplish a lot!  Yay for Kindergarten! 

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Lots of math measurement this week.  We borrowed a balance scale from our 7th-8th grade neighbors (so great having big kids next door!) and compared everything we had been estimating to pennies.  They had a blast doing this and I am certain that I need to make this a math tub next week.  If only I could find 23 balance scales, I could keep them engaged for hours! 
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 Writer's Workshop:  STILL working on our stories.  After we finish them next next week I am going to video each student reading their story to share with families.   I'm getting a little nervous thinking about this process!

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Alphabet Hats!  They did a great job on their hats this week!
 About half of them chose to wear them upside down.  I looked liked I had a parade of elephants and mice following me to the bus. Love it!
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 We learned all about Antarctica and Penguins this week.  I have some really cute pictures to share but I forgot to take them!  Arg!  I even reminded myself as I was prepping for next week but I forgot anyhow!  We made penguins and wrote our penguin facts, we read all about penguins and Antarctica, and even watched penguins on a live cam.  It was a really fun week.  I'll remember pictures next week....maybe!
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To go along with our penguin day I used my new penguin sight word activities just for fun (even though we had already used them.)  Next week we will switch gears and use the Valentine set.  They are super adorable so I know the kids will love them! 
 Have a great weekend!  Just think, no full moon next week.  But's Valentine's Day week.  Good luck friends!

Measurement Monday

We started our measurement unit today and I wasn't quite ready to get started.  Thankfully Guiding Kinders had me covered. 

We explored the room with easy materials to get our hands on to discuss heavier, lighter, and equal. It was a great investigation!  
I didn't even have to introduce "equal" because the kids came up with that on their own.  3 kids got in a circle to discuss which was heavier and one brilliant Kinder said, "Maybe they are equal?" 
It's that moment in the classroom that makes a teacher heart sing.

Even though it was a busy day I had to snap a couple of pictures because they were just too cute.  These look so staged but I promise they are not!
   Now I am off to go build a classroom scale so we can find out if they are really equal tomorrow!