Daily 5: Chapter 5: Read to Someone

The main difference I noticed as the sisters introduced "Read to Someone" was the Check for Understanding component.  What a great way to ensure everyone is engaged during reading!  I have struggled with partner reading even though I know it's one of the best ways to work on strategies and fluency!  Keeping track of who is reading (and who is not) and also feeling confident that students are partnering up with a friend that is a good fit for them.  For the most part my class was AWESOME at this last year but there were always those few who spent their time visiting instead.  I am hoping that implementing the "Read to Someone" with that Check for Understanding between partners will remind students that they have an important job whether they are reading or listening to reading. 

Some key things to remember for Read to Someone:
EEKK-Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee
I read, You read
Choral Reading
Reading One Book
Reading Different Books
Check for Understanding
Listen to Reading:
OK, I have a question for everyone.  How exactly are you going to implement Listen to Reading in the classroom?  I have 1 tape player in my room (although I do have plenty of books with tape available to me).  I have been able to find another tape player and have put a cry out on FB for any that people might be willing to part with.  My hope is to have 5 to 6 players that I can use in the classroom, however I am thinking that is going to be a tall order.  Just fishing for some ideas that might help me as I set up the classroom in the next week or so!  OH! Also- plug in or batteries?  I have 2 that plug in but I was hoping for some smaller tape players that I could put batteries in so students can use them anywhere in the room.  Am I crazy?  Will I be changing batteries all the time?

Also I did put headphones on my list of supplies and parents seem to be cool with that.  So I won't have to worry about headphones! Yay! 

ALSO!!  I found book boxes cheap at IKEA!  A good set will cost you anywhere from $40 to $80 but will be a permanent part of you classroom.  I buy the plain white ones each year and just send them home with the students at the end of the year. You can get 5 for $1.99 (about $10 for a class set!)  Here is a link to Ikea if you want more information.

Link up with Lory's page here if you want to chime in on Chapter 5 of the Daily 5! 

2 weeks from tomorrow my kiddos show up at my front door.  I'm starting to freak out a little bit even though I've spent hours upon hours getting ready in my room.  Keep calm and breath!
Happy Teaching! Heather