Daily Five Book Study

I jumped right into summer reading with the Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser and I couldn't be more excited about a change in my classroom!  I have taught Kinder and 5th and I just finished my 1st year in 1st!  I loved every minute of it!  After teaching a new grade level for a year I am ready to step it up!
I was comforted by Gail and Joan's words that they too were challenged as new teachers.  I OFTEN feel like I could do more and question my practices on a daily basis!  I think that I am headed in the right direction and it looks like the Daily Five is just what I need to bring it all together. 
A few things I loved from the 1st chapter: (reading on my Kindle so I'm not sure how to find the page number!)
I loved the bulleted items that distinguish the Daily Five from other management models.  Especially that it allows three to five focus lessons and more INTENTIONAL teaching.  This is a great point!  I already use Writer's Workshop in my room and have enjoyed much success using this model.  I love it because the focus for the day really hits home for the kids.  I can imagine (in my summertime rose colored glasses) that having the same type of focus during a literacy block will be so beneficial for students.  

A question a colleague asked me today was, "What about AR?"  (Ugh!  I am NOT a huge AR fan!)  So I will be looking into how I can incorporate a "testing time" into a different part of our school day and not interrupt that precious reading time!