Facebook page! Now we are getting serious!

In an effort to FORCE myself to post more often, and work on my TPT products, I have created a Facebook page to link to.

I am currently working on a Math Assessments packet for the new Common Core Standards.  It's a lot of work!  I thought I would just throw this thing together and send it off to Tpt but the standards just go on and on and on!  I am almost done but it will take a lot more work next week.

Until then, I am watching a lot of movies, relaxing with my family, and doing some projects around the house.  That's what Winter Break is for right?

Spelling Homework!

We are a full 9 weeks into school! Wow, time has really flown by!

I reviewed the first 60 Fry's high frequency words in my first 9 weeks of school.  Now we are into our second quarter and have started using the 2nd grade Sitton spelling program.  I created this homework pack to send home practice each night including a pretest, writing words, writing sentences, phonics review, and alphabetical order.  Copy a math page on the back and you are good to go for homework for 9 weeks!

Click here to see the packet on Tpt!

Have a great week and Happy Teaching!
Field Trip!  I was itching to get out of the classroom so I planned a field trip for this week.  Yes, this week!  I sent home permission slips on Monday and we went hiking on Thursday.  I think that may be an all time record!

We live in Arizona and Sedona is just a short drive away.  I drove the kiddos in the little white school bus (I totally feel like Ms. Frizzle in that thing!)  to Oak Creek Canyon and we hiked West Fork trail.  The leaves are all changing and it was so beautiful!  The weather was perfect and the kids were excited to be out and experience nature.  We had Writer's Workshop on the trail and our focus right now is on using descriptive words in our writing.  We focused on what we heard, smelled, saw, and felt as we sat in (almost) silence.  I can't wait to see what they write next week using the notes they took out on the trail!  Here are a few pics of our adventure!

20 students + a beautiful Fall day = perfection!

Just one of the wonderful moms that helped make it possible!  Thank goodness for volunteers!

We ate lunch next to this reflection pool.  Beautiful!

We saw so many colors on our hike! 

Here we are writing on the trail.

Beginning of the Year Spelling Review

At my school, we have had quite the conversation lately about spelling and how to "up the rigor".  That's our favorite saying as of late....  Anyway, last year teaching 1st grade I skipped right to 2nd grade spelling and my kiddos did great.  We plan on everyone doing the same thing this year to keep a grade level ahead in spelling.  As a whole, we use Sitton spelling at our school.  I made this unit to get us through the first 9 weeks of school to review those all important sight words.  Once we get done with this I plan on changing over to the 2nd grade Sitton.  Here is a link to my newest product on Tpt!

Click here to check it out!

This is just one page that shows the Oral Reading Fluency part of the download.  I also included spelling lists, sentence writing, and alphabetical order in the packet.  If you are looking for a way to review and master the first 60 of Fry's Sight Words go over to Tpt and look me up!  Thanks!

My Tpt Freebies!

I have been venturing out to Tpt and posting some products I've shared with colleagues over the past few years.  Here are a couple of products I've posted recently...

2012-13 School Year Calendar with Monthly IB Attitudes

Lesson Plan template

The lesson plan template is empty when you download it, but this is a shot of what mine looked like last week.  Notice the empty spot on Friday.  I was to exhausted by Friday to go by any plans!  We played it by ear Friday and never had a second to spare!

The amazing thing about Tpt is checking out how many people have viewed and downloaded your items.  Over 700 people have downloaded my lesson plan template which completely blows me away!  About 100 people have downloaded the calendars!  I hope my attempt at organization is helping someone!

Now my husband makes fun of me but I've earned a whole $1.00 on Tpt so far!  My first sale was from a simple little thing I put together last year to help my kiddos learn time.

Clock Labels to the Minute!

So there you have it.  I've started a new school year and ventured out into cyber land to share a little of what I do every day.  We are a full week into a new school year and let me tell you, I am exhausted.  These new little first graders are full of energy and a lot more like Kinders than 1st graders right now!  We are successfully building stamina in Daily 5, learning procedures, and turning in homework!  I'll be working on some new products for my "store" and sharing soon!  I'm trying to work on some spelling products but I'm going to try them out first to make sure they are useable in the classroom.  If you are still enjoying summer, I'm jealous!  If you are back in school, hang in there!

Happy Teaching...Heather 

6 days into a new school year!

I don't have anything profound to share this evening but I want to keep up on my blog this year just because.  Simply that.  I have started a new school year and the stress of a new class, paperwork, and dealing with new schedules has me grasping at time.  My days fly by and it is all wonderful!  It is so exciting (and scary!) to have a new class of first graders that are so eager to learn.  We are working on behavior and routines and I am feeling pretty good about our start to Daily 5. That's all I really wanted to say!  Just in case anyone is feeling overloaded right now, just stick with it! 

August Currently

I am new to currently but I think this is going to be one of my favorite link ups!  It has helped me find some really cute new blogs and not all just from my grade level.  Yes, other teachers teach grades other than 1st grade.  I know, I don't get it either but more power to 'em I say!

B2S Must Haves:
1. Cricut:  I used to think the die cut machine was the coolest thing ever but this thing just has me mesmerized.  I bought it last summer and used it a little bit.  This summer I have had a Cricut cutting party in my room!  All my teaching buddies love it too and we just have so much fun using it.  Now I need some new cartridges. 

2.  I would LOVE a personal laminator, HOWEVER, I do have unlimited access to our laminator at school and can use it whenever I want (and oh boy do I ever!).  BUT! Someone has broken our laminator and we are without....for now....and I am sad. 

3.  I have to post a pic so you know what I am talking about. This is a Fiskar Cutter Thingamajig
I bought this baby about 10 years ago when I actually had time to scrap book all of my children's precious memories.  Now I use it in my classroom EVERYDAY!  My friends borrow it, my principal has borrowed it (well she's my friend too, don't get me wrong) and parent helpers borrow it ALL THE TIME!  It's awesome, and I fear now it might break soon because it's so old, but I still love it. 

Don't forget the rules when linking up.  They are listed right at the bottom of the post along with a great link to a tutorial on how to create a Currently.

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Happy Teaching!