FabFitFun Fun!

Raise your hand if you are a sucker for subscription boxes. Yes? No? Well I am not. I can usually resist the allure of fun mail with awesome stuff in it but this one is just too good to pass up. First off, it's just 4 times a year. So it doesn't get old and you don't get tired of another monthly bill. I can handle quarterly.
Second of all it's a great value. You get over $200 of products for the $49.99 fee every 3 months. And it's all great stuff! Last, they personalize it to you. My daughter and I both get a box but we both get different things customized to our likes/dislikes.

Isn't the box fun? My husband even called me when it arrived to tell me I got a really neat box in the mail. He's not easily impressed so I knew exactly what box he meant!

Here are all the awesome things I got in the summer box.

My favorites are the Michael Stars scarf, the amazing water bottle and the Cargo_HD Bronzer. There is also some great eye gel and sunscreen that will come in really handy this summer!

You can get $10 off your first box HERE. You won't be sad I promise!

Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revise!

Sweet summertime is upon us and it is that wonderful time of year that I have time to sit down and revisit some of the resources I use in the classroom. I take a little time to myself to refresh first....that's important! Then I tackle a couple of resources. This summer I am working hard on all of the centers I have created to go along with Reading Street. 
When I started back in kindergarten 3 years ago I was greeted with boxes and boxes of Reading Street material. Can you say overwhelming?? Well for me it was and I had to really take my time through the curriculum to figure out what worked best for me. Here is one way that I organized the small group books. Instead of keeping the low, on level, and advanced selections in separate boxes I put them all together and labeled them with file tabs. 
It made it much easier to grab the whole group each week instead of searching in 3 different places. Plus it took up a lot less room in my closet! 
All 36 weeks fit in 3 of these Sterilite bins. You get them HERE. (Affiliate link)

In addition to storing all of those materials I needed something to organize their scope and sequence with my style of teaching and create a few things for a focus wall. I started creating weekly units and it was fun, they were helpful, and my kiddos loved them. I went ahead and finished all 36 weeks and that was that! I had all of the teacher created materials I needed for centers. I put them in binders and I was good to go! 
Click on the pic to get the binder labels FREE
 Well... fast forward 3 years and I've learned a lot more about these units and have incorporated new things each time I teach a new story. I am spending my summer revamping all of these centers with bright new posters (some are staying the same but some needed a do over!) and some printer friendly objective pages because I know not everyone has access to a color printer at school (and if you are like me you might just prefer the clean look of black and white!). I am also including a craft for each week so you can send home a fun reminder of the story.

This wasn't just a cosmetic change. I also changed up a lot of the centers that maybe needed a little more....direction. Don't get me wrong, I love what I made the first time but some of them need a more hands on approach to the learning. 
 I went back and made sure I had a little book included in every story. When I first wrote these units I didn't always include a little book but those are my kiddos favorites! I know I need to make a full set each week because every single kid will pick that center! Plus it gives them a little book to put in their browsing box  and practice their sight words throughout the week. Win win! 

This is how I will be spending my summer or at least the month of June. Check back for updates and if you want to pin this for later here ya go!