Five for Friday: December 4th

So many fun things this week! I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 

 We practiced self portraits this week to mail to my daughter at boot camp.  I was amazed at what a little directed drawing could do!  They did a great job drawing and adding to details to tell a little more about themselves!
This one was just a little too close to a certain book character for my liking!  This kiddo doesn't always act like David.....but maybe sometimes he does! 

 Sometimes you just have to spread out to enjoy a good book.  This is what most of my kids look like during Read to Self time.  I have to say, I wish they would keep them in their browsing boxes but as long as they are reading I am happy!
 This week was benchmark testing so I didn't have to do any progress monitoring this week (I should say I didn't GET TO do any progress monitoring....I love meeting with my kiddos).  So instead I took the chance to snap a few pictures of centers.  Geoblocks and Starfall are two of our favorites!
 Don't ask why I still have pumpkin sitting on my computer table!
 Do you use a Smartboard or Mimio in your classroom?  I love ours!  One of our centers today was a game on Turtle Diary.  
Last but not least this was our STEM project for the week.  We had to construct a house to hold all 3 little pigs that couldn't be "blown" over by the big bad wolf.  It was heartwarming to hear my kiddos remind each other they needed to use teamwork and cooperation in their group.
That was our week!  2 more weeks until Christmas break and about 3 until my middle little graduates from boot camp!  I can't wait to see her! Have a great weekend friends!