Five for Friday! February 28th

Yippee!  Five for Friday time!  I am greeting this Friday with a large sigh of relief!  It was a long week!
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#1  I love first grade!
 I really do, but this was just a fun reminder this week!

#2 Read to Someone was just magical this week (we are starting our fairy tale unit!).  It went just the way it's supposed to and I couldn't help but snap a few photos.  They love Cinderella!

#3  Math Stations:  I made a few new activities this week and tried them out.  I wanted to try them before I make a March Math Center out of them. They went great!  I will be making a new unit soon (like this weekend!)

#4 Pencils:  Yes.....I did this.  I have been struggling with pencils the last few weeks and trying to figure out where they are all going!  I found out where they are going but rather than do the accuse and deny game I just labeled everyone's pencil so no one can argue about which pencil belongs to who.  I'm really tired of arguing about pencils.  
#5  Personal success for the week!
I've been trying to find the motivation to get my body moving and this week I FINALLY found some!  I was up and at 'em at a 6 am spin class twice this week.  TWICE!  It felt so good!

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Have a great weekend friends!

WOW Wednesday

WOW Wednesday!  Yay it's hump day!  We are almost through this week, one more to go, and Spring Break baby!

Link up with Coast to Coast Kinder for great teaching ideas.  This week's topic is BEST IDEA!

My best idea in the last year or so has been my Morning Language Review.  I have taken all of the essential skills we will be working on for the week and put them on one page.  With a new reading series this year it's been a lot to get used to.  These little gems get my day started right!  I have an original set I made last year and now a new set that aligns with my new reading series.  Here is a little overview that I featured a few months back....

Daily Language Review:
Every morning we start out with some word work.  I have always used this type of "bell work" whether teaching 5th grade, Kindergarten, or 1st grade.  I made these and I have been using them for the past 2 years.  You can click on the picture to see them on Tpt.

They don't change from day to day so students can complete them independently once they are introduced on Monday morning.  It gives me time to take attendance and check agendas, and the kiddos are getting meaningful practice in.

That's my best idea!  I know it's not super original, but it gets the job done in my room! Thanks for stopping by!

Luck of the Irish Giveaway!

I am participating in another fun giveaway hosted by Kristen at Easy Teaching Tools.  She is awesome!  I am really lucky to be part of a fun group of teachers on Instagram, it's like our own little Professional Learning Community! In honor of feeling so lucky, how about another giveaway with some amazing products, just in time for the huge sale!

I've included my newest creation, March ELA centers:

There are 14 other great products to grab up!  Head over to Easy Teaching Tools to see the full giveaway and to enter.  *you can also enter right here!*

Make sure you enter, and good luck to you!
Have a wonderful week sweet friends!

Take a Peek at my Week! Freebies included!

Wow this weekend flew by!  It's already time to plan and I am still catching up on grading from last week. (not lazy....I was in a training on Friday and Saturdayy so my schedule is off...still not an excuse I know!)

So I did my plans pretty quickly but they are coming together a little easier now that I went to a 2 page format.  As always my links are at the bottom of my post and you can link up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten!

Here are the products I am using this week: 

As always to start my morning I will be using my
I also use Look Who's in First Grade Reading Street Units each week.  I love her centers.  They keep my organized and on track all week!
I do make my own sorts now though.  Hers are great but I like everything to be on one page so this week I have sort that matches up with our skill of the week (ea and ee words) in my newest

This week we are all about Cinderella!  I was really excited to see that Reading Street included this because it goes with the Cinderella unit I wrote last year.  
This is one of my favorite units to teach each year.  This unit includes a retelling piece, focus on story elements and opinion writing.
 We will be starting the opinion writing portion of this in a week or so. 

In Writer's Workshop we will be focusing on using adjectives to make our writing more interesting this week.  However on Monday I want to go back and review our task analysis for how to write a sentence because we have been getting a little {lazy} lately.  Hey, it's that time of year right? 

Here is the task analysis I put together for writing a sentence. (actually my class wrote it with me)  A task analysis basically breaks down a task into steps so students know exactly what they need to do.  If they are having trouble in a particular area you can refer back to the task analysis instead of just prompting them to fix whatever it is. 
So instead of saying 
"Remember capitals at the beginning of each sentence." 
you can say, 
"What step is missing from the list?"
It really is an effective tool for teaching writing.
I put it on Google docs for free if you would like a copy!  Just click on the picture to get it!

In math we needed a little extra practice in a few areas so I threw together a couple of activities for math stations this week.  I also put these on Google docs if you would like to try them out.  These really were just thrown together so they are not perfect!  I will be using some of these ideas in some future math centers.  Maybe some St. Patrick's Day Math Stations?

So that's my week!
I sure do wish I had one more day to get a few things done around the house but I guess we don't always get what we want.  The upside is we only have 2 weeks until Spring Break!  Yay!

Until next time, have fun teaching!

Five for Friday.....finally!

Yes, I said it.  Finally. Friday.  This week was a doozie and I am finishing it up with a Saturday of professional development after missing my firsties today for a Friday of PD.  So here is a look back of all the FUN things we did this week!

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#1 Math Stations
Math stations were a hoot this week with task cards from Jen Cullen and her We (heart) Double Digit Addition.  I asked the kiddos what they liked about Math Stations this week and they said, "We got to move around the room" (for the scoot) and "We got to use the blocks to add big kid problems" (for the double digit addition).  WIN in both areas!  
Using our manipulatives to solve double digit addition problems. 
 Look at the engagement of this group of boys!  
They were practically running to solve the next problem!
 Moving around to solve story problems.

#2 President's Day Unit
I just LOVED our President's Day unit this week.  They were so excited to learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Some of the questions that made my week this week were: 
"Is George Washington still alive"
......makes you think about perspective of a 6 year old!
"How did the new president get his job"
.......we had lots of discussion about elections. 
"I didn't vote, how did he become president?"
........we also talked alot about who gets to vote :)

Cut and glue noun sort with American Symbols.

#3  President's Day Listening Station
So I made my own tapes this week and they were a big hit.  I think I will do this with lots of other books so I can expand my listening stations (with very little $)!  I have 2 listening stations in the classroom so kiddos can listen to 2 different stories a week.  We also choose our favorite story and include it in our Fun Friday rotations!

 Listening station response sheet.  
Title, setting, characters, problem and solution.
#4  We also did this activity from Amy Lemons freebie President's Day pack to build words out of the word President.  We've never done an activity like this before and they loved it.  I need to include this in our regular morning word work because they loved it!
  #5  This is grasping at straws here for a (5) for Five for Friday but this was an "event" at our house this week.  My girls and I took these for lunch all week and it was pretty successful!  Instead of unhealthy Lunchables we made our own.  They were fun and my 2 teenagers took a lunch every day this week.  
That's success in my book!

 That's Five for Friday in my corner of the world!  I will be imagining myself sitting out in the sun enjoying the beautiful weather tomorrow as I sit and listen to someone talk all. day. long. 
I hope that you go out and enjoy your weekend! 
Have a great one!

Tech Tuesday and a Facebook Freebie!

Ok blog lovers out there, how many of you get frustrated with the newest, greatest, coolest little app or gadget that comes along?  My newest frustration has been Woobox.  It's an app that allow you to link a freebie or other goodies to your Facebook page so everyone that "likes" your page can grab it.  It also encourages people to "like" your page.  

EVERYONE has one.  Seriously.  They make it look so simple!  It's not, believe me!  I have been attempting to link this up and get a simple picture for a couple months now.  I usually don't just "give up" but in this case I have given up on numerous occasions.  NOT NOW!  I was succesful last night, finally!  You can click on the picture to get to my Facebook page.

Here's how I finally figured it out!

Tutorials people.  It's where it's at!  I use them for everything!  For this particular frustration I have watched plenty but I finally got it with  
tutorial on Woobox.   
She has amazing tutorials on just about everything blog related.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I got the darn little icon to show up and the link to work.  Better yet I got feedback right away and a fan confirmed to me that it worked!  
If you have been frustrated visit Christy and she will guide you through, amazing I tell you!
Have a marvelous evening, it's already Wednesday tomorrow! Yay!