Fabulously Long Weekend.....

I needed this.  My body needed this!  I've been reading about all the adventures people have gone on this weekend like traveling to see family, football games, and who can forget Black Friday shopping.  I for one am happy to be home in my jammies.  ALL.WEEKEND.LONG.  I'm fighting off a cold or something so this is just what the doctor ordered.

With all my jammie time I have been busy getting some things done for my store.  Here's a little sneak peek and what's new in my store just in time for the big Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale at Tpt.

  If you haven't already heard...Tpt is having a sale and I am too!  You can get 20% off in my store Monday and Tuesday and if you enter the promo code CYBER at check out Tpt will throw in another 8%.  I have lots of new goodies ready for you!  

I've been working on my Reading Street Homework packets this weekend and I now have the first 3 units done.
I have also been working on some Word Work activities to include into my morning routine.  I have 3 of those done too!
 All day today I have worked on some Christmas Math Stations.  I made some Winter themed ELA/Math Centers but I was feeling festive today so I wanted some Santa stuff.  I know we can't all use it (I really shouldn't, I have one student I will have to change it up for) but it is December starting tomorrow and I feel like Santa should be present!

These are all Common Core aligned and more importantly, I've created them knowing what my firsties are working on RIGHT NOW.  And even more importantly what they need the most help with.  I think these will be in my stations all month long. 

Next up is just a little favor I keep forgetting to keep.  I created a DIBELS goal chart a few months back and my neighbor wanted a goal chart for sight words.  So I created one yesterday for her to use in her room.  Do you keep track of sight words?  I'm really not that good at it, I need a little organization on my side to figure out how I want to go about this.  I'm going to lean on her for some help in this area. 

 This is used with clothes pins to move kids up the chart just like a traditional behavior chart.  It is really motivating for them to see where they are on the chart and what their next big goal is.  I use this for DIBELS and it has made a huge difference in their Oral Reading Fluency.  

I already blogged about my other products I've had in the works over the last few weeks so I won't bore you with those.  I am currently sitting here waiting for my last product of the night to load so thank you bloggy world for keeping me company while I wait.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and return to school energized and ready for the madness that we teachers like to call December.  Happy Teaching!

Five for Friday: Thanksgiving Edition :)

It's hard to think all the way back to Monday but we did get a lot accomplished this week in the little bit of time we had.  Monday and Tuesday was all about Pilgrims.  We finished up our cut apart book from Deanna Jump.  They turned out so good!
(I love that their houses have bunk beds!)
They all did such a great job on these and we have had some really great conversations about the Pilgrims.  When we started this unit my kiddos knew very little about Pilgrims.  Now that we are getting to the end I can safely say they are turning into little experts!
 CGI problems are going great!  We have been working on these for 2 weeks now and we have done addition problems with the unknown in all positions.  So this week I threw a little curve ball at them and gave them a compare problem.  When you prepare the kiddos they have no problem solving any kind of problem!  They (almost) all worked this out without hesitation.  The interesting part is that only 1 or 2 saw this as a subtraction problem.  Everyone else did it  as a counting up problem!
 Thanksgiving dinner was a blur, I was a mess (well the front of my shirt was), but there were a lot of people fed and it all was delicious!  I did my best to help my mom so she wouldn't have to do everything but she is hard to keep up with!  I was beat at the end of the day.  My hubby let me sleep in until 10 a.m. this morning so I am fully recovered.
 I didn't take many pictures, but I did get this one of my little cousin.  Isn't he adorable?

So now that the eating celebrations are behind us I needed to stay away from the kitchen so I sat down and worked on another one of my sorting activities.  I am working on getting a complete set of sorting activities finished for Word Work that will sustain me for the whole year.  This one is all about Short/Long vowels.  Stayed tuned for even more!  A quick click on the pic will take you to my store.  You can follow me their too to get updates when I post new items. :) 

Last but not least.  Are you all geared up for Cyber Monday?  I am!  My store is too! 
Click on the pic to see my store!

That's it!  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and get to spend it with family or close to people you love.  I'm doing just that!

HUGE Christmas Giveaway hosted by Easy Teaching Tools

Kristen at Easy Teaching Tools has done it again!  She is hosting a fantastic giveaway just in time for Christmas.  Some AMAZING teachers have teamed up to offer their best Christmas/Winter themed products.  Here is a peek at what you could win if you enter!
Giveaway ends on December 1st
I don't know about you, but this school year is flying by.  I feel like I was just prepping Thanksgiving centers and I'm already rushing to get December centers and activities ready.  Holy moly, is it vacation yet???
Here's what all 26 of us came up with!  You can click on the photo to see more.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below!  Ready, set, go!!!