Peek at my Week!

Shhhhh....I'm breaking a big blogging rule and I know it!  Never ever post twice in one day but honestly, I have to get these in while I have the time.  Sunday seems to be my only time I get to enjoy my blogging addiction :)

Peek at my Week is quickly becoming one of my favorite linky parties in large part because it has me stretching my brain and my skills learning new things.  I love it!  Today I will be attempting to link to my Google doc for the very first time.  Yes, I'm nervous, can you tell?

I still don't know how to make my links stay when I convert from a PP to a PDF.....didn't even know that was an issue until I read someone else's post a week or so ago.  I've been spending a ton of time inserting links and I guess they aren't sticking?  If you have any info on this please share!  All I know is there is a program, and a tutorial, and some information to convert and keep the links but that's just all too much for me right now.  I'm sticking with writing my list :)

Here are my visual plans for this week broken down into subject area.  A list of products I am using this week will follow each page.You can click on the pic to see this in Google docs. 
 I think.......
Morning Work:  
No link for this one yet!  I'm still creating this as I go (to match Reading Street) but I have a similar morning work that I used last year available in my store.
   Click on the pic to check it out.  It's an entire year of morning work (1st grade) for $8.50.  That's less than a workbook! (Which I own plenty of....oh the money I wasted when I was a new teacher!)

Word Work: 

Ummmmm....NEW Ipads!  I'm going to post all about them later next week.  They just came in on Friday and I am OVER THE MOON about it!  1st grade got 12, so I get 4 in my room.  Hoping for 2 more soon through some grants I applied for.  FINGERS CROSSED!  We will be working on LEXIA on the Ipads as part of our morning work.

Writer's Workshop:  
Quick Write from:

Lots of fun activities in math this week!
Number Line Scoot by Anna Brantley this one is FREE!  She has an awesome 0-120 pack too that is on my wish list!
Roll it, Make it, Expand it! by Rebecca Anderton  another Freebie I found that looks like so much fun!  Very well put together as well!
And last but not least 2 games from my Trick or Treat Math Stations.  After all it is Halloween next week!

That's my week!  It's a big week at our school.  We are an International Baccalaureate candidate school and this week is our authorization review week.  We are totally ready!  I know we are!  Still a little nervous though!

Link up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to check out some awesome plans from some pretty cool bloggers. There are a lot of fun Halloween posts for this week! 

Hope your week is bright, beautiful, and full of fun!  I plan on having a good one!
Happy Teaching!

Five for Friday: Field Trip Time and a Freebie!

It's the weekend so it's time for me to catch up on my Five for Friday!


Doodle Bugs Teaching is awesome for hosting this fun linky each week.  It's one of my favorites!
My five for Friday is going to look a lot like all the same thing.  But we had a really fun field trip this week so this post will be pretty picture be warned!

This is my favorite field trip to Sedona that we take each year.  It is so beautiful this time of year!  Here are a few beautiful shots! (atleast 5!)

We take this hike each year to soak in the beauty and also use the opportunity to have Writer's Workshop in the outdoors.  My focus for the lesson is writing with our senses and the students sit quietly and look, listen, smell and feel what is all around them. Here's a few wonderful shots of students writing. 

 I made these little books for the kiddos to write in and I'm happy to share them with you here!  They worked out really well!

I hope you enjoy it!  You can follow my store for updates on new products I post.  I due to post a bunch of new stuff soon!

Friday's field trip filled up my week so that's all I have for Five for Friday this week.  I could bore you with some professional development pics from my training on Thursday but I won't!  I hope your week was as beautiful as mine!  Now head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up!

Happy Teaching!

Peek at my Week: Back from Fall Break!

It's like the night before the first day of school all over again.  There's so much to do to get ready for tomorrow and dare I say I'm a little excited?  That's the sure sign that I did not go on any tropical vacations during Fall Break this year!  I drove my kiddos back and forth to practice and took my daughter to get her driver's license.  Woohoo!  Well, it's more like woohoo....a little scary and exciting at the same time. 

I'm all set for tomorrow. I did copy, laminate, and cut all my centers for the next two weeks so I'm REALLY good!

So I tried something new with my lesson plans this week and I think I really like it.  Check it out. 

I made a new page for each subject so I could add in all the juicy details.  Now I'm still figuring this out so I'm going to list the products I'm using here. 
Word Work: 
Witches Brew by: 
I'm using Mrs. Vanmeter's vowel sort from this packet. 
Spectacular Spiders by:  
We will do the Write the Room from this fun packet this week!
Reading Street Unit 1 Week 5 Resources from Look Who's in First Grade
I use her stuff every week.  I love the centers and the kiddos do to!

Listen to Reading:  
I'm using comprehension sheets from the fabulous Ms. Leslie Ann to go along with the books we are listening to this week.  We are focusing on Main Idea and Details this week. 

Here's my week for Writer's Workshop: 
 And Math: 
 I use a Daily Math Review from Lory Evans.  I use these everyday and they are awesome!

We are playing one of the games from my new Trick or Treat Math Stations this week too. 
Click on the pic to check them out!
So there is the peek at my week.  We are going on a field trip on Friday so we are going to have a very full week!  Go see Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to link up!

I hope you have a great week!
Happy Teaching!

Fall Break and a GREAT GIVEAWAY!

I know not everyone gets a Fall Break but in my neck of the woods, we do!  Of course we also start school the first of August so by now we are really needing a little rejuvenation!  I am currently vegging out on the couch and watching Back to the Future with my daughters.  Love this movie, it reminds me of my childhood!

Today I wanted to share  a fun little giveaway I am helping out with to celebrate Lisa's birthday over at Always and Adventure in Kindergarten.

 There are so many great bloggers included in this giveaway, she put together a great group!

Head over and get your "click" on to enter!

Happy Teaching!

SLANT box reveal and a major CATCH UP post!

 I have 3....count them.....3 posts started on my blog that I have not finished.  It's not that I didn't have the energy it was just that I didn't have much to say.  For those of you that know me I'm sure you are laughing right now. But really.....I'm a blank slate. 

Fall Break is upon us though and it's time to catch up and suddenly I'm full of ideas.  First off, I didn't do my SLANT box reveal!  I shared on Instagram (aka my new blog) but never here so here we go!

My partner (that I mailed to) was Olwyn in Canada!  Believe it or not friends this was the first time I ever mailed "internationally".  It was HARD!  I made 3 trips to the post office before I got it right.  Not because I'm stupid but just because I didn't want to spend $45 bucks to mail it.  I repacked it in the right box to get a better rate and finally got it mailed out!  DON'T use the "if it fits it ships" boxes at the Post Office if you want to send out of the country!

My partner (that mailed to me) was the sweet Ms. Dennis.  I've gotten to know her through Instagram and I love following her there.  Her posts make me smile.  Even more than that was her awesome SLANT box shipped and delivered to me on a very drab Monday.  What a surprise to find this on my doorstep after a long day!

First off...she nailed it!  She must have taken notes while reading my blog and stalking me on Instagram (which I don't mind at all).  I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness.  She thought of everything!  Secondly, it was wrapped up just like Christmas morning and I am giddy just thinking of the joy of opening each little package.  Here's a few pics...

 Chevron everything which is what really makes life worth living right?   Cute folders, a notebook for staff meetings, grading pencil (awesome by the way....), pencils she loves using for running records (and my new fav), AWESOME binder clips labeled to read, to file, to copy.....I'm going to be so organized!, thank you notes with my "L", behavior charts (totally needed right now!), writing paper, and a chevron bag I am now using as my lunch bag!  So many goodies and I loved them all.  Right in the middle of the pic is a big "L"to hang on my door.  I love, love, love it!
Last but not least....a Tervis cup!  It made it's way right to my desk!
This was such a fun exchange.  I'm so glad I participated and got to know my partners.  Our little bloggy world is so much fun!

A little more catch up before I turn in for the night.  After a long morning at a swim meet (the weather was great!) I came home to find out Tpt had hit 100,000 followers on FB and was celebrating with a sale!  Well that was just the motivation I needed to finish my Halloween math centers!

Thanks to Journey of a Substitute Teacher for the cute pic! 

Here is a link to my newest creation.  
 Click HERE to see this in my store and take advantage of my sale! Don't forget to enter FB100K at checkout to get the 10% off from Tpt!


Hold the phone.  October?  Guess what happens in October (besides my 2nd oldest turning 16...yikes!)  We have Fall Break.  Yes, Fall Break.  It's a beautiful thing.

It's also time for Currently with the oh so fabulous Farley.  I follow her on Instagram too and she always has something fun to contribute. Click on the pic to link up. 

LISTENING:  The Voice.  I love this show.  I have a very short attention span (yes, I teach primary) so I can watch the voice and blog/stalk/create all at the same time. 

LOVING:  The Fall weather.   Seriously, I got down right chilly the other day and it was awesome!  We are over 100 degrees all summer so just to be in the 90's this week has been a treat!

THINKING:  Fall Break can't come fast enough!  I don't have any big plans but I would like to work on my Tpt creations and fix up some new things to go with our new reading program. 

WANTING:  I love professional development... not.even.joking.  Some may call me crazy but I do love it.  HOWEVER....the past couple of weeks I have missed my girls volleyball games to go to meetings.  I don't like that part. 

NEEDING:  More time!  We have implemented Reading Street (I've posted a lot about that lately) and a 90 minute reading block is not enough time.  

TREAT!:  If you email me I will send you a treat. ( I have some fun Fall Football Math Stations for you to try out!  Happy Halloween!
Have an awesome October!

Happy Teaching!