Saturday baking frenzie, snow, and a freebie!

It's the first day of Christmas break and I got all (maybe most) of my baking done!  I'm super thrilled to be finished with that so I can stop eating all the candy that goes along with it!
Actually, I was kind of a pig.  It's just too much with all that chocolate laying around!

In the middle of baking we had quite a surprise (atleast for us Arizona folk). 
It snowed!  Oh my goodness it really snowed!

Because we had real honest to goodness snow today I'm going to offer a little freebie!  If you email me at I will send you my Winter ELA and Math Centers for free!  All you have to do is email other requirements to make you crazy!  Of course I'd love if you follow my Tpt store, but just so you can get updates on all my new products!

Click on the picture or {here} to link to my store and to see the Winter Centers.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas break!  I am missing my oldest daughter.....
But I have her guardian angel hanging on the tree to remind she is safe and sound. 

 I just wish she could be home with us for Christmas!  Imagine the empty nest feeling I will have when all 3 girls fly the coop!  Ugh!

Merry Christmas, happy baking, and enjoy your time off!

Five for Friday AND Unwrapping our Favorites: Favorite Gift 

We had so much going on this week!  Plus I'm double dipping with the last Unwrapping your Favorites Linky because I participated all week (except yesterday.....dead computer!)  and I don't want to miss the last day! 
 I hope this is not a blogger no no......but I know posting twice in one day is!

#1  I started this week with this glorious sunrise on Monday morning.
 I took this as a sure sign that the week would be magical.  Unfortunately I did not notice that there was a full moon in the forecast!  I barely made it through the week friends!  These worksheets from All Students Can Shine really saved me during word work this week.  They loved them and they were SILENT while they were working.  They love getting to color with their markers!

#2  Even though it was a tough week I got so many little cute notes this week.  Here's an example of just how sweet my kiddos and their families are!
Do you think she thought I was being a Grinch?  I put lights on our Christmas tree to make it feel a little more "merry" in our room.  I do like Christmas sweetheart, I really do. 

Another sweet family gave me this with some balsamic vinegar and a baguette.
Does this mom get it or what?  (She's a teacher too!)

#3 Wednesday was my hubbies birthday.  We had a quiet celebration at home and devoured an entire chocolate cake.  
Just because we can. 

#4  Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday last week I had the perfect ornament to send home for little parent gifts.  I loved the simplicity of these little crafts and that it didn't take a lot of time away from class work.  I put their school picture on the back and they turned out so cute!  And they didn't cost me any money!  Woohoo!
Here they are all bagged up and ready to create.
And here is the finished project!  So fun!

#5 Unwrapping your holiday favorites: Favorite Gift
I participated in this linky all week.  It was really fun linking up with bloggers I'm familiar with and meet some new ones!   You can click on the button to get to the link. 
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Last day to unwrap some favorites!  Click on the button to link up!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Today starts my Christmas break so I guess now I can start getting ready for Christmas.  Not. Even. Kidding.  I do it every year, I guess I work better under pressure!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and enjoy your time off!

Unwrapping Your Favorites: Favorite Holiday Tradition

It's time to unwrap a few new favorites with Sticky Notes & Glitter and Mrs. Russell's Room!  Today is all about your favorite holiday tradition!  Click on the button to link up!
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Here is my favorite holiday tradition!
 Here are a few pics of my favorites!
Erin's first Christmas.....she is 18 now!
McKenna's first Christmas....she's 16 and DRIVING!
Jamie Lynn's first Christmas.  My baby is 14 and in high school.  

I swear they grow up so fast!

A few extra favorites over the years.
Whatever Disney movie they were obsessed with usually ruled what ornament they picked. 
This one was a special Millennium Barbie ornament.  
We lived and breathed Blue's Clues for many years!
The hubs and I used to get a special ornament too!
That's ONE of my favorite holiday traditions.  Putting up the tree is always a special treat because we get to take a trip down memory lane.  When they were little my plan was they could take their ornaments with them and have a little "starter" set when they went out on their own.  I think I might change my mind about that one!  I don't want to let these go!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take a little bloggy trip to Sticky Notes & Glitter or Mrs. Russell's Room to see some fun holiday traditions!

And oh yeah....Merry Christmas!

Unwrapping Your Favorites: Favorite Holiday Food

Two of my favorite bloggers are hosting a linky party this week so I HAD to participate.  Plus it's all about fun stuff so how could I resist right?  

Today's topic is Favorite Holiday Food.  Well.....not an easy one to pin for me.  Seriously.  Just check out my Pinterest Christmas board....or the food board......I like food.  A lot!

Here are a few mentions of my favorites...

Great.  Now I am hungry.
If you want a little bloggy food head over to Sticky Notes and Glitter and Mrs. Russell's Room to link up!  And don't forget to check back for more fun later in the week!
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Peek at my Week: The Countdown is ON!

We are quickly approaching Winter Break.  My kiddos have been pretty good so far so I am hoping we can continue that trend this week.  
And all this without an elf on the shelf!  
I am LOLing over here because I have had an ongoing debate about EotS with a coworker.  
I still don't think I "get it" but more power to ya if you do!

Here is a Peek at my Week.  Mrs. Wills must be on vacation already because there is no linky this week.  Click on the pic to see my visual plans on Google Drive.
My week doesn't look {that} different than last week.  I am continuing my Twas the Night Before Christmas math centers so those didn't change at all.  I am wrapping up the last week of Unit 2 in Reading Street so my morning will be business as usual.  I am mixing in a lot of Christmas Around the World.  Here are all of the links to the products I am using this week! 

I completely unplugged this weekend.  We did a few things around the house and I got all of my laundry done and a meal plan ready for the week.  That sounds like normal stuff but I have been lacking in that area for the past few weeks!  I did take a few minutes to finish up this little math pack I've been working on for weeks now.  I use something similar now, but they are really old and it aligns with our old state standards.  I am trying to incorporate more of the Common Core Standards and make them a little more visually appealing!   My goal is to get Quarter 2 and 3 done over break so I can start using them when we get back in January.  I'm pretty happy with how they are going so far!  If you download the preview you can get the first week for free! Click on the pic or {here} to visit my store.

I hope that your week is merry and bright and that your littles act like little angels.  We can all hope right?

Five for is Friday right?
This week was long, but went by fast at the same time.  Does that make sense?  Here is a little run down of the week!  It's Five for Friday time, go check out Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up!
After a few district assessments this week we started up our Christmas centers.  I have held off on being too Christmas"ie" in the classroom in fear of leaving out students that didn't celebrate.  This year I have found some great alternatives for those who don't celebrate and we are full on Christmas centers!  They are going great! I made these little math centers and they are getting me in the Christmas spirit!  You can click on the pic to download a preview!
 How many gifts are hiding?  This is a fun one that works on combinations of numbers.
 Santa's Goodies.  A little board game that practices addition fluency.
 Sweet Treats.  Practicing place value tens and ones.
I am excited to keep these rolling next week!
Do you have a class losing teeth like crazy?  1st grade is all about the wiggly teeth.  Sometimes I swear they are going to drive me crazy with all the wiggling.  Not only are their germy little hands in their mouths but it's quite a distraction.  We have a rule they have to use a tissue, and if it doesn't work within a minute or two they throw it away and leave it be. Then we have another rule that says if you want me to just yank it out for you and get it over with I will.  I think I have pulled more teeth than most dentists in town.  I get a semi-sick satisfaction out of it.  We lost 2 teeth this week on the same day.  These cuties are cousins.  I think they are a tiny bit competitive.  

We had a major mishap on the playground this week.  One of my littles fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm (badly).  I am so sad for her!  She's getting a lot of love and attention at home from friends and family though and is on the mend.  I hope we get to see her on Monday.  The only good thing that came from this is I got to see how sweet and loving my kiddos can be.  We made her some cards to make her feel better. 
We are working hard on subtraction and I finally got all my subtraction flash cards printed and a WONDERFUL parent cut them all out for me.  We made a lot of progress this week. I made these 2 sided flash cards small enough for little first grade hands.
 If you want to check them out you can click on the pic!
We had such a fun night checking out Christmas lights with friends this week.  My two besties from my childhood and I got together with our families.  It was a tiny bit surreal because we have never had everyone together since we have become "grown ups".  It was so fun seeing my childhood friends with their beautiful families.  We talked about fun memories and just enjoyed each others company.  We ended the night with a walk downtown to see the light show on display.  A little random dancing occured.  A fun time was had by all. 
One more week and then we get to have Winter break!  Woohoo!  Happy Teaching to you and yours!