Text Dependent Questions Chapter 3

 Welcome back for Chapter 3 of Text Dependent Questions book study hosted by Mrs.Wills' Kindergarten. This chapter discusses how the text works and the journey that students take from the literal meaning to inferential understanding. Let's get to it! 
Fisher and Frey are clear to state in this chapter that attention to vocabulary is essential to close reading. It makes sense that "if students understand the meaning of words, the text is more likely to be understood" pg. 70.  I found it interesting that they also point out that this does not mean that close reading is a time for vocabulary instruction. There should be a "time for systematic vocabulary instruction that occurs outside of the close reading lesson" pg. 71. During close reading text-dependent questions should focus on both words and phrases and students are able to apply word -solving skills. This is an area I know that I can grow in! We have our weekly vocabulary that is introduced through our reading series and we discuss unknown words in some of our read alouds but we never really go any deeper than that. This attention to vocabulary will help us grow as readers and have a better understanding of the text.  
Author's craft is one of my favorite things to talk about in Writer's Workshop. We really dive in to our mentor texts there and discuss the use of pictures, words, and phrases to convey meaning. So why should it be any different during reading instruction? This entire section really made me think about how I can link close reading lessons to my writing instruction. 

Are you loving it? I am loving this book and truth be told I haven't been waiting I just went ahead and read the whole thing. I have to soak in all the goodness of summer learning now because school starts in a few short weeks for us! Thanks for stopping by today, if you'd like to join in the conversation click here: 
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