Text Dependent Questions: Chapter 2

Well I am back from some much needed beach time so I'm a little late but I am all caught up on my reading for Chapter 2.  Here we go!  
Chapter 2 focuses on the first phase of inquiry: understanding what the text says. This is broken down into the general understanding of the text and the key details. I can't help but think about how our reading series starts here but never goes any deeper. I feel like we barely get into a text and then it is time to move on. This is really just the beginning! 

The text says,"Questions that focus on the general understanding- the gist- are the place to begin." pg. 43 

I really love the way that Fisher and Frey describe how this process will support learners that are struggling and also how it benefits students who are reading at and above grade level. This is one area that I want to focus on this year. As students begin to read more complex texts they need a strong foundation to fall back on. 

Currently I use my small group time to really dig deeper into texts but I don't feel like I am using this time efficiently. The descriptions in this chapter of the discussions happening during the whole group instruction were a real "a-ha" moment for me. There was a great reminder on pg. 28 that "the added voice of another student expanded the conversation from a single exchange with an individual to one involving another learner." Whole group is the place to start and using shoulder partners to discuss further brings more to the conversation. 

The first video I watched the teacher talked about how she felt that it was a misconception that kindergarten and 1st grade students couldn't go deeper into a text. She felt that if they were taught the different layers of digging deeper into a text and taught the vocabulary that it was well within their reach. I am big believer in this as well so that video really hit home with me. The next video was an older class but it was a great example of students using the vocabulary. All the videos were positive examples of how to examine text as a whole group and engage students in the conversation.

So many great a-ha moments in this chapter! Thanks for stopping by to read my reflections on this chapter. You can join in the conversation here: 
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