TDQ: Text Dependent Questions Chapter 1

I am really excited to be participating with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten in this book study! It came at a perfect time since I just finished my reflections on The Morning Meeting Book.  What luck right?  This book study comes complete with a FB discussion group, I love that extra collaboration!  I will be quick with my thoughts, the real action is happening there!

Question 1: Nancy Frey states that students must be given the opportunity to struggle a bit. How comfortable are you with giving students the space to struggle? 

We are all about independence in kindergarten! I work really hard to foster independence in the classroom and that takes oodles of patience at the beginning of the year. For some it comes easily but others need that extra guidance every step of the way. I'd like to say that I am extremely comfortable with letting them have a little of that productive struggle but I know myself too well. It will still take an extra reminder to myself probably on a daily basis to not jump in there and finish conversations for them. Just like any good routine though, I think that habit will grow over time.

Question 2: Douglas Fisher states that incorporating Close Reading can be a messy process. How comfortable are you in trying new practices in your classroom? 

This one I can say without a doubt that I am very comfortable trying new practices. Not without some research though! Summertime is the perfect time to read a few new PD books (like this one!) and make those important decisions. I always ask myself: Is this something I want to try? What will it look like in my room?  What do I need to do to implement this? We can use this "vacation" time (haha right?) to put new things into play because we have the time to plan.  

Question 3: Discuss how you currently go about the process of selecting texts to read in your classroom Do you think your process will change as a result of this book study? 

I am almost too embarrassed to answer! When I read the question my initial thought was, "Because I like it....". That's not really the only aspect I take into account but I couldn't come up with any solid reasoning behind why I choose the books I do. This will be a focus for sure! 

The last bit is about any A-HA moments you might have had in the first chapter. I just wanted to highlight a line from page 20 that really resonated with me.  "Close reading is social learning at its best".  That to me is the BEST reason to keep moving forward and grow this part of my literacy block.

Are you intrigued? You can grab the book HERE and get started. Don't forget to join the Facebook group too and participate in the ongoing discussion. Deedee has all the links on her blogpost HERE. Thanks for stopping by today!