2016 Goals and Plans: Writer's Workshop

Happy New Year!  What better way to start the year than by making some goals and plans? 

I have SO MANY goals!  It is easy to get ahead of yourself when starting anew each year.  We all have those lofty goals every January that we are SO MOTIVATED to reach.  For about a day.....  You know what I mean: 

  • I will lose 10 pounds a week until summer so I can wear the bathing suit I fit into in high school (measurable? yes, attainable....um, NO!) 
  • I will save money, pay off all my debt, and do something to treat myself every month (measurable? maybe, attainable...probably not!) 
I can make a goal and turn around and forget about it faster than you can lose the attention of Kindergarteners when the phone rings.  I am taking a different approach this year.  I have plenty of professional and personal goals and I refine those on a daily basis but as for today my goal is to just be.  Be present.  Be happy. Be aware of other peoples feelings. Be there for my family. Be there for myself.  

Maybe because my children are now grown (almost) and I find myself worrying more about EVERY. TINY. THING.  Honestly. My anxiety is through the roof on most occasions.   This year I just want to enjoy everything.  Enjoy my wonderful little kindergarteners I have this year and not waste a moment with them because before you know it we will be saying good bye.  Enjoy my moments with my daughters because our time together is more and more limited every day.
Family time is so important! 

More time enjoying each other!  And more ART!

That being said.....GOALS!  Specifically Writer's Workshop goals! 

Here are some of my professional goals in the classroom: 
1.  Keep up with my conferring during Writer's Workshop.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of WW in my opinion and it is so easy to get side tracked.  Especially when you teach 2 half day sessions of Kindergarten with NO PREP and NO BREAKS.  When they are so nicely writing quietly in their little spots around the room it is super tempting to use that time to prep the next lesson, clean up the last one, or just take a drink of water for heavens sake!  So to reach this goal here is my action plan: 

  • Prep my math lesson each day after school (math comes right after WW)...so sometimes I find myself getting out the materials or "finding" stuff at the end of writing time.  That takes away from my conferring time!  If I set aside a time after school it should only take me 5 minutes each day to be READY! 
  • Keep my notebook out!  I am forever putting stuff away.  I don't like things out, it clutters my space and my brain!  If my conferring notebook gets put away it is easy to "forget" a day and then fall behind, and then forget about it the rest of the week.  This is REAL teacher talk here.  I hate to admit it but it's pretty easy for me to get lazy sometimes! 
  • Confer with 3 students a day (this will get me to everyone in a 2 week cycle).  I get OVERWHELMED when I try to get to 6 each day (x2 classes that's 12 a day folks!)  Then something happens and I miss a group and I'm scrambling to get to the kids I missed the day before.  Can you say anxiety?  So I find that if I stick to 3 a day I can reasonably get to all of them in a 2 week rotation.  It is LESS STRESS for me and I can spend quality time with every single one of them.  If I try to get them all in a week I end up doing less conferring in the long run.  I don't know why, but it's true. 
Those are my goals for conferring during Writer's Workshop after the new year.  This will help me with my ONE LITTLE WORD too!  If I can be less stressed about rushing around from kid to kid then I can BE more present with each child and enjoy the process!  Hooray! 

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