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Five for Friday September 11

 It was a LONG fun Friday.  Lots going on in Kindergarten this week!
 We spend the first few weeks of Kindergarten reviewing the alphabet to get a handle on all the letters.  We use Reading Street in our district and after the 5th week of school we go back and have a letter of the week.  We create these posters together to focus on first sound fluency. I love making these with the kiddos!  This week my favorite was mud and muck! 
 We've been talking about COOPERATION this unit and have covered cooperation at home and at school.  This week was all about cooperation in our community.  I used this great resource from First Grade Schoolhouse.  It was a perfect resource to hang in the hall to share our knowledge of community helpers!  I love how it filled our work wall in the common area.
 We had some parents come in and share their jobs today to finish off our week about community helpers.  It was fun to see the excitement from our 2 classes of kinders as these parents shared a little about their jobs.  We had a highway patrol officer (we got to hear the siren!), physical therapist, school district secretary, and a fireman share about their jobs.  We focused on asking good questions (if you've ever been in a kinder classroom questions vs. stories is a struggle!) and they did a great job!
 I left school today with my plans DONE!  I love my Erin Condren planner and the tip about sticky notes from Tami at OH so Blessed.  She CHANGED MY LIFE with planners!  I love how they look.  Now I need to work on my subject tabs and date tabs.  I refuse to write in my planner.  Is that weird? No....no it's not. 
My last Five for Friday doesn't have any pictures but it was PURE MAGIC today!  I tested ALL of my 47 Kindergarten students on Letter Naming Fluency (UPPER and LOWERcase) in one day.  WHAT?
I said.....
Just kidding.  It is a big deal though!  It is so difficult to give this test.  And keep track.  And keep motivated to keep going.  And to not lose your sanity.  
ESGI to the rescue!  
I'm trying it out and today I was SOLD on their product.  You simply sit with your student and flash through all the letters and answer "yes" or "no" if they answer correctly. When you are done there all kinds of resources to print out.  Flash cards for students to take home, student reports, and class reports.  Now I know where to spend our precious time.  PURE MAGIC!