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I usually say ALREADY? I'm sure you get sick of hearing me say it but when it is time for Currently with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade I usually can't believe that it's already a new month.  Not this month people.  I am happy to see September finally here.  That means we have the first 3 weeks of Kindergarten behind me and that is a GOOD thing.  Those first few weeks are brutal! 

Here is my Currently! 
Always baseball around here.  The husband said I could watch whatever I wanted but I'm really not missing anything, am I?  I'll be glad when Fall TV starts again. 
My 2 little (actually huge) classes of Kinders.  I have 47 this year between myself and our kindergarten extension teacher.  I am super blessed to have her, she has saved my sanity this year!  Keeping track of all those littles is difficult, but they sure are sweet!
I hope this feeling lasts.....I always worry about the honeymoon period!  But I'm thinking we are in for a good year.
I SERIOUSLY need a foot rub.  The husband does NOT rub feet.  I may need to pay someone to give me a serious foot rub. 
My classroom needs a little fixing.  I got 6 Chromebooks to use and I don't have anywhere to put them.  I mentioned this to my principal and she said, "What a problem....too much technology!"  I know, I know, and I'm not complaining......I promise....because that's not allowed.  But I do need to fix a few things!
3 Goals: Family.....I want to spend some good quality family time in the coming months because my middle little is heading off to the Navy.  I'm starting to get a little scared about this! 
Fitness......I always have a fitness goal, duh!  Seriously though my friend just started Crossfit and she loves it.  We used to do spin together 3 mornings a week and I miss working out with her.  I'm thinking I need to make this my goal. 
Food.....my goal is to eat as much chocolate and junk as possible.  Maybe if I make THAT my goal I WON'T do it!  Haha!  

Link up with Farley HERE for Currently!  Have a great September friends!