Five for Friday: First Week EXHAUSTION!
It was only 3 days with students but oh my goodness I am EXHAUSTED!  My feet hurt, my brain is mush, and I can no longer speak in full sentences.  Welcome to the beginning of kindergarten! 

 I started my week by the pool with my family.  I'm so glad I got to have this one last outing with my sisters (and stinky brother) and mom and dad before it was time to go back to school.

 We talked about procedures A LOT this week!  I had these little pages out to explain how we do things in the classroom during Open House on Tuesday.  I'm planning on leaving them out when I have a sub too.   I didn't think of this, I saw it on Instagram and I can't remember who from!  So if you know let me know so I can give credit.
You can get an editable copy of these half sheet posters HERE.  I put them in clear picture frames to display them.
 I have 45 students between the 2 classes.  Walking in line is stressful!  Just walking the boys to the bathroom takes forever.  They have walking on a line down pat though!

 Math tubs were a big hit when I introduced them on Thursday.  They love all our different math manipulatives!
I don't have a picture of the last one, but I took a big risk (in my eyes anyway) and made a classroom video reveal this week.  It was actually kind of fun, even though people kept walking in and out and I was too embarrassed to admit I was making a video for my blog.  What a dork!  You can see it in my next post if you just keep scrolling :)

It was a rough week, but not because of the kids.  They are great!  Amazing in fact!  Another teacher walked through my room and told me that they looked like kinders that had been in school for months.  I wanted to say, "Then why am I so tired?"  This week I am thankful to be back at school, thankful for understanding parents, and thankful that tomorrow is Saturday. :)
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