Five for Friday: First FULL week of Kindergarten
 It was our first FULL week of KINDERGARTEN.  I'm. beat.  That is all.....

I'm leaving these tiny enough so I don't have to worry about covering their little faces.  This is what my phone is full of now.  47 darling Kindergarten faces.  I'm already in love with these 2 classes.  They steal my heart in a flash!  
 We've had fun introducing same/different and sorting with Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills' Guiding Kinder unit.  I love the interaction between kiddos!
 I am using this along with my Daily Math Review for Kindergarten.  This is giving me a great start to MATH JOURNALS!

 We are off to great start in Writer's Workshop this week too!  We don't do WW on Fridays and today one of my little guys said, "'s not time for lunch, we haven't done Writer's Workshop!"  THAT'S how you know they are learning routines......and loving it! 

 I left THIS MESS in my room when I left today.  I need to get some centers ready for Monday but I am NOT LOVING the system I had last year for organizing my stuff!  This could/could not be a blog post this weekend. 

I'm naming this little guy Fred....
He hangs out outside our door and freaks all the kids out when it's time to go to buses.  This morning he was gone and this afternoon he was on the other side of the building by the playground.  Fun times listening to a whole class of Kinders shriek at the sight of him. 
On a positive note......we enjoyed recess. actual fortune from tonight. This sums up my week to a "T"! 
Happy Weekend!  I'm sleeping in tomorrow!