Five for Friday: August 21

 This was our second full week of kindergarten and we are in the swing of things now!  It is such a great feeling to have all those procedures set and know that we are ready to move forward.  Here is a little look at our week!
 This was my "must have" that I bought this summer.  I actually got two!  I have resisted the temptation to laminate everything in my house so it was really fun to laminate some center cards last week.  I love that the laminating is super thick, unlike our big laminator at school. (although I'm still thankful for that thing too!)
 We are learning our ABC's!  It's important to remember where we are starting because when I look back in May I will be amazed at how far we have come.  We loved our ABC centers this week.

 We got done with our math lesson EARLY on Thursday and I was really thankful I had our math journals ready to go.  I wasn't planning on starting these this week but it was a perfect opportunity to introduce them! 
 My sweet sister sent me this picture of her alphabet all ready to go in her classroom.  She has had so much fun decorating her room this year with all of her DIY projects and this set that we designed for her while I was visiting her this summer.  
 Click here to see it up close!
I pulled out an oldie but a goodie for Fun Friday today.  I forgot to take pictures (arg!) but the kiddos had fun making letters out of these today.  This is my "original" copy I sent home to parents YEARS ago to get some play dough for centers. Notice it's in Comic Sans and I have no idea where I got that little clip art guy from!  I don't have a digital copy anymore, I hold on to this piece of paper so I can keep making perfect play dough! 
That's my FFF!  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching HERE.  Have a great weekend everyone!