Five for Faturday.....yes, I said Faturday!

Yes people.  It's Five for Faturday.  I was tired last night.  Really, really tired. 

That doesn't mean I didn't want to share!  Here it is, my week wrapped up in pictures! 

 We are in full swing with our math journals this week.  We even made it to "Grab and Count" which tells me they are really ready to be independent and start solving problems.  Creating representations for our math journals is not an easy task for some kiddos but this class has it down pat already!

 Monday was my anniversary and I had a wonderful day at work, a few surprises, and a great dinner that night.  Our dinner conversation was pretty reflective as we look back on raising 3 beautiful daughters.  We have a great life!
 My goal in the classroom is to create a comfy spot that kiddos can work and collaborate in.  This class is settling in just fine!
 We introduced some new rotations (always a challenge at the beginning of the year) and they did great.  The listening station was a big hit and of course play dough letters too.
THIS was the perfect way to end the week.  Dinner and dessert with friends.  Couldn't ask for much more! 

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