{Week 1} BTS in a Flash! Teacher Faves

This week....teacher faves.  My favorite!
I have a lot of favorites, but these are my must haves for the school year!
 Honestly, it's just a sippy cup for grown ups!  They work great to keep on your desk though if you are prone to spills.  I AM!  I can't tell you how many times I have spilled a water bottle (or coffee...ugh) on my desk.  These don't spill.....ever!
 It seems to be all the rage but honestly Flair pens have been around forever.  Remember those red pens your teacher use to grade your papers with?  Flair pen!  Then they made black and eventually purple but now you can get the whole rainbow. I have a special cup on my desk just for my Flair pens, don't mix them!
 Every time I participate in a "favorites" I have to share this one.  Before I started teaching I had time to scrapbook and I was one scrapbooking mama!  I bought this way back then and now it lives in my classroom.  I can't believe how long it has lasted.  I probably need a new one!
 Did you know that Sharpie makes flip chart markers that DON'T bleed through?  I love me a good anchor chart and these are a must have to make them cute! 
I've always made plans as a word document.  I like the option of being able to cut and paste and change the colors but guess what? They take  FOREVER!  Every Sunday I spent hours going through my plans and making them when I could have written out on Friday before I left school.  So I'm going back to hand written plans and took the plunge and bought a teacher planner.  I have the life planner and love it, so this has to be on my teacher faves list....because I am anticipating loving it!

Are you thinking about taking the plunge?  If you use THIS CODE you can get $10 off a new teacher planner!  If you order now it will be here before school starts! 

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