Monday Made It July 27 BTS FREEBIES 
 Today is my first day back to school, ARG!  We are not OFFICIALLY back yet but I do back to school conferences with parents before I report back (super useful!).  I'm done with 30 at this point, only 18 more to go! 

So this Monday Made It was squeezed in, but I can't miss all the fun!
 I never do little gifts on the first day of school.  NOT because I don't want to but usually because I don't have time.  I didn't have to move classroom this year so I'm hoping to start this year off with some cute projects!  I don't have my goldfish to go with these yet, but I made a set (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) to get them ready for my kiddos next Wednesday! Click HERE to get your copy!
Along the lines of little gifts, I remembered I had these bubbles in my closet.  So I threw together this cute little note to have this out at Open House.  These will be waiting for them at their seats. Click HERE to get a copy of the note!
 I worked on this classroom set this weekend for my teaching partner. 
Click HERE to see it in my store.
I also created a ninja set for my friend's husband.  He is a black belt in TKD and wanted a ninja theme in his classroom! This one was pretty fun to create!
I think I have my classroom decorations out of my system now!  It's so much fun to create a whole new classroom right in front of you though, total therapy for me!  All my decor sets are only $5 and you can redo your whole room with them!

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