Monday Made It: July 13
 I used a lot of MOD PODGE for my MMI.  Did you know it is called MOD PODGE and not MODGE PODGE?  My smarty pants middle little told me that and I didn't believe her....until I read the bottle.  Sure enough it is MOD PODGE.  Lesson learned!  I'm so embarrassed if people have thought I was a dork for calling it MODGE PODGE!  Ok, I've hit my limit for using the words MOD, MODGE, and PODGE!
 People have been talking about these lately on social media so it inspired me to make a few for my back to school centers.  I was obsessed with these a few years ago and made them to go with everything in my room.  I've never made an alphabet set though! 

Here are the easy steps: 
1.  I cut my paper with a 1" circle punch to make it easy!  If you have to cut out a bunch of little circles on your own it gets a little tedious (believe me....I've done it!).  I got this little circle punch at Walmart.  There was a cute scalloped one too.  
I still had to trim a little bit to get the circles to fit, but the circle punch made the job a lot easier. 
2.  I added a splash of color to each piece of paper with a stamp pad (it was just something I had) but you could use any cute scrapbook paper or leave them plain white too. 
3.  I wrote the letters with black Sharpie.  You could also use letter stickers! 
4.  Coat the top of the paper circle with Mod Podge and also put a little bit on the gem.  I use a regular paint brush to "paint" it on.  Stick the circle to the back of the gem and let it dry.  I also put a coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper to help it adhere to the gem and smooth down any edges. 
5.  After they dry, you can attach a magnet to the back to make them a magnet. (I've done this to make gems to attach to my white board).

What else can you turn these into? 

I have used them as an attendance board: 
I made an attendance board a couple of years ago with my students pictures.  Every morning they would move their picture to show if they were eating lunch in the cafeteria or a lunch from home.  Any little faces left over were absent.  It worked like a charm.  Attendance is a breeze when they are responsible for it (Because I always forget!)

Ok, I told you I was obsessed with these right?  This was how we kept track of our Daily 5 stations a couple of years ago.  Students put the number of the station they were at for they day next to their name.  It was really easy to see who was completing what with this system! 

Monday Made It #2 is a solution to one of my problems from last year.  I could not find a way to organize my letter stamps that worked well for ME and my students.  (key word being ME!)  They were always a mess so I always ended up shutting down this center.  

Problem solved!  I turned a teacher toolbox into a storage center.  Coolest part?  I can hang this on the wall!  I'm not SUPER happy with the way the stamps turned out (my 1" circle punch wasn't quite big enough!) but I am happy to have all my stamps in one neat place.  I think this works for now!
That's my MMI for today.  I am STILL WAITING for my floors to be done so I can get in my classroom and it is getting frustrating.  I want to get going on getting my furniture arranged!  Hopefully this week it will get done and I can get started.  Don't forget to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for MMI. 
Have a great week everyone!