Kinder Tribe: All About THIS Kinder Teacher!

Good morning!  I am linking up with Kinder Tribe for a little get to know you activity!  I can't wait to find out more about my Kindergarten friends! 


Here's a little ALL ABOUT this KINDER TEACHER!
Hi!  My name is Heather Langley and I am going into my 11th year of teaching.  This will be my 5th year teaching kindergarten but only the second of teaching a half day program.  I'm still adjusting!  I absolutely CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT my Fiskar paper cutter.  I use it on a daily basis.  I can't believe it is probably over 10 years old and it still cuts paper.  I can't even find refills for the blade!

My FAVORITE SCHOOL SUPPLY is the ever popular FLAIR PENS!  Who can survive their school year without these at their desk?  Seriously, this picture makes me absolutely giddy!

My favorite first day of school book is Tiptoe into Kindergarten.  I love it because it really speaks to those kids that come in a little scared.  It helps ease nerves on the first day!

I'm a big fan of Mr. Greg at Kindergarten Smorgasboard and watch all of his live Youtube events and whatnot.  I also really love Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten and link up with her for visual lesson plans every week.

 I have to say though, my first blog that I really watched and listened and yes....she may have been my homepage at some point....Jessica Meacham.  I was a groupie before there was even such a thing as "following" a blog or TPT or anything social media related.  She held my hand (not literally, but she was a huge comfort to me) when I started teaching kindergarten 10 years ago.  I have implemented things in my classroom that I learned from her that I still use to this day.  I just redid my library and the whole time I was thinking about her blog posts about classroom library organization.  When she accepted my friend request on FB I was so excited!  I walked around on cloud 9 for days! 

Ok....enough fan girl gushing....back to the task at hand. :)

Why do I love teaching Kindergarten?  There are not enough words!  I have had the unique (maybe, or maybe not) opportunity to teach Kindergarten, leave it for awhile, and then come back.  I went back because at my school at the time it was the right thing to do.  We needed someone and I was up to the "challenge" so I went back to Kinder after teaching 5th and 1st for a number of years.  I have to tell you, after a few short weeks I remembered what I was missing! 

The sweet moments that you spend comforting the child that "misses their mommy" (daily during back to school time!)
Reading outloud......they hang on every word.
Hearing a child say honestly....."OH, I get it!"
Introducing a new concept for the very first time.....
Toothless grins :)
Songs that never end....
The little buddy that runs out of steam at the end of the day and naps under your desk.
Being their very first teacher ever. (I recognize, this isn't always true, but a lot of the time it is).

And last but not least.  Who was your kindergarten teacher?  Mine was Mrs. Shepard and I am still friends with her on FB.  Really!  No one, well, almost no one....ever forgets their Kindergarten teacher. I take that responsibility seriously and try my best every day to make Kindergarten the best place ever that they will remember forever!  THAT'S why I love teaching Kindergarten!