I Like Kids' Books (and I can not lie!)

My favorite subject!  Books!  I have to say my favorite class in college was Children's Lit.  I loved it so much I took Children's Lit II even though I didn't need it.  I also participate in our monthly Teachers as Readers group where we just sit and talk and eat and discuss children's books.  See.....I'm not lying! 
I have LOTS of favorites but here is my declared "favorite" because it's always the first one that pops in my head when asked this question. 
I use Molly Lou as an example of enthusiasm, perseverance, and pure joy in the classroom!  I found her by accident when I was going to college many moons ago.  My assignment was to read a book to the class and discuss it, but I forgot to prepare.  On the way to school that day I stopped at the post office and Molly Lou was waiting for me, thank heavens for book clubs!  I'm a risk taker just like Molly Lou, I didn't even preview it before I read it aloud to the class (I aced the assignment!) I think this could be part of the reason she will always be my favorite!
My love for Kate DiCamillo's books came when I was teaching 5th grade.  I read The Tale of Despereaux to my class and fell in love with a little mouse who fell in love with a princess.  Since then I have made a point to read every book she has ever written and they are all my favorite!  I'm not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but I love her whimsical look at life outside of the realistic.   Her books are a great way to introduce the genre! 

Teaching kindergarten I was happy to discover Mercy Watson.  He is a fun little pig that goes on many adventures (and loves toast!).  The kiddos love him too and they are perfect little "first" chapter books.  

And last but not least.....

On the very first day of Kindergarten I introduce Read to Self to my students as part of our Daily 5 routine.  I tell them they are going to learn to read in Kindergarten (shocked faces all around) and then I tell them they all actually already know how to read (jaws hit the floor).  It's so fun to introduce reading the pictures as a way to read and A Ball for Daisy is a great wordless book for that.  You go through a whole range of emotions with Daisy as she loses her beloved ball (to a bully no less) and then to find out the bully is actually a nice guy that replaces her ball the next day. Lots of fun and zero words.  It's a great way to introduce this skill!

I made this freebie a while back to go with the book.  You can get it HERE


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