Teaching with Intention: Chapter 1

I'm excited to be linking up with Kindergarten Smorgasboard today for Chapter 1 of Teaching with Intention.  This was on my summer reading list so I was thrilled to find out Mr. Greg was putting together this book study!

I am THAT teacher.  The one that changes things up every year.  It took me until about 3 years that I finally stopped changing my "theme" every year.  I like to keep things current, improve our surroundings, and keep it appealing (for the students and ME!.....I spend a lot of time there!)

I felt validation as I read this chapter thinking, "Yes!  I do that!"  I also saw a few places where I could use some improvement.  Let's focus on what I've going right first! 

We have lots of space to work: 

I did a Donor's Choose project this year for a new rug.  We love this big area to work on math stations or word work.  There are also lots of places around the room to work and we use carpet squares if the tile is too cold!

We work together in lots of different ways: 

I love that we have opportunities throughout the day to work with partners, on our own, or as a whole group.  I really spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year with these procedures so that it doesn't take up our precious time during the day.  Our transitions are seamless!

My stuff is labeled!  

While this may count as a "cute" factor, I have to be organized.  I have 4 tables so I try to make sure I always have at least 4 containers of each type of manipulative we might need to use during a whole group lesson.  Even if I'm flying by the seat of my pants (yes, I've been known to do that), I can grab some tubs and everyone has what they need.

Clasrrom Library with Lots of Books!

This is just part of my library (and a very old picture).  My ideal classroom would have walls and walls of books labeled by genre, subject, or author.  I always run out of room though.  My library is always being revamped as I get new books (and teach new grade levels) but I believe in having a lot of books readily available for little hands.  I think I've got that one down pat. 
This is a sad empty classroom (and an old picture again....pre-rainbow rug!) Students are working independently at word work centers (all around the room), morning work (at tables), or reading during read to self (anywhere they like).  I am conferring with students, teaching small group, or just walking around enjoying their hard work!  My favorite part of the day is when I can just float from table to table without talking to anyone, just watching them. 
 I think I've covered that!  Maybe I didn't understand the assignment :)
I've got procedures in place for independence in the classroom.....
An organized work space that helps me get my job done! (but that could always use work!)
A library with lots of books.......
A cheerful environment that is inviting. 

I need to work on reorganizing my library this summer.  It was great for 1st graders but my kinders were not as independent putting books back as I would like.  I think relabeling with an easier system will allow them to be more independent.

Independent materials for students to access.  We have materials available on our tables (just the basics....crayons, scissors, glue sticks) but I want to make more materials (like markers, colored pencils, and more!) available for centers and creating.

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Love book studies?  Me too!  HelloSunshine Teachers is hosting a book study that starts tomorrow.  We are reading Mindsets in the Classroom (which is awesome because our staff just read Mindsets!).  Your admin will love this book if you are looking for something for PD this year! 
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