Monday Made It June 22: Let's talk about SPRAY PAINT!

Monday Made It time!
Notice how we are only excited about Mondays in the summer? 
Yeah, me too. 

I headed to the store to get my spray paint for my project today.  My #littlelittle informed me that you have to be 18 to buy spray paint......
Um, and? 
I think it's to the point now that they are going to start carding teachers to buy spray paint because of all the awesome projects we have going on this summer.  This one is no different, and I think I caught the spray painting bug again!

So I couldn't think of anything COOL to make for Monday Made It today and I really wanted to put together an alphabet tool box for my stamps but I couldn't find a darn tool box anywhere.  Not even HOME DEPOT!  They told me they were seasonal.  Psh...whatever. 

My project had to be about paint then because it's really the only other skill I have other than modge podge.  I grabbed up some old Sterilite boxes and picked out a color of spray paint and got to work.  It took me a whole 7 minutes start to finish.  (No, I did not time myself).  I LOVE how they turned out!
 I am going to use these for my extended morning work activities and I have another one back at school still to paint and I will use it for extended math activities.  My extended activities are what we like to call "Open Centers".  If students are done with all of their work they can go to an open center.

I got some new bins last week so I've been working on organizing what bin labels I want.  This is as far as I have gotten so far, but I'm making it available in my store to anyone who is in the same boat as I am!  There are 48 labels so far, as I create more I will add them to this file, so you will keep getting all the new labels! :)  It's my own little version of a "growing" bundle, but this is a "growing" product!
Click HERE to see it in my store.

I've been struggling with the design on these, but finally decided to go with a plain background (less ink!) and then I can leave my library alone once I get it all settled!

That's my Monday Made It!  It's currently like 158 degrees outside so I'm going to go swim!  It's too hot to be in front of the computer ;)  
Have a marvelous Monday and see you tomorrow for Chapter 9 of Mindsets in the Classroom!