Monday Made It June 15

I am breaking every blogging rule in the book today.  I blame OITNB.  If you watch it you know what I mean!  Since it came out on Netflix a couple of days ago I haven't stayed caught up on ANYTHING! 
So today is catch up day.  I'm reading all my chapters for Mindsets in the Classroom so I can catch up on my posts (I'll post those tomorrow) and trying not to sign up for anything else before the end of the summer!  It's already flying by.....sigh.

Monday Made It time! 

Last week I showed you this picture: 
That was my little Dollar Store trip I took last week to find some inspiration but didn't!  I'm super duper NOT creative when it comes to finding cool things in the Dollar Store.  I'm very impressed by people that can go in and dream up wonderful projects!  

I had a purpose for these little frames though.  I saw a post from Amy Lemons on IG about signs she was putting up for procedures in the classroom.  What a great idea!  I might not want them to be a permanent part of my classroom but I could put these out for a sub and display them during Parent/Teacher conferences and Open House.  That's where the little frames come in! 

I created an editable file with my procedures and also a blank one so you can add any procedure in that want to add.  It's a PowerPoint file so all you have to do is add a text box and type away!  If you need more blank templates just "INSERT"  "DUPLICATE SLIDE".  And oh yeah.....I'm sharing it for free here!

My plan is to put these in the frames and have them around the room.  It will also be a really good way to remind me about the procedures and stay consistent!  It's so easy to just "Let it go" when you are having a hectic day!

I've also been very busy creating some decorating items for the classroom too.  I LOVE DECORATING MY CLASSROOM.  There....I said it.  I'm super tempted redo everything I have up right now because these turned out so cute!  I made them for a friend but I just might have to print them for myself! You can click on the pic or HERE to see it in my store.
Now it's time to go get inspired.  Link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics
with your own Monday Made It or just to get inspired yourself!