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Makeover Madness!

I'm so excited about this challenge from the gals at Sparkling in Second, Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista.  It goes right along with my goals for this summer and adds some fun and collaboration in for good measure! 

This week's challenge is called Makeover Madness.  I took one of my old covers and redid it to add a little more FLAIR.  This is one of my favorite creations that I made last summer and I completely redid my entire room with it.  I love it and sadly it does not get much attention on TPT.  Maybe a giving it a little face lift will help :) 

This was the first creation that I started adding slides to the front of to show a little "preview" on the cover. I've used this technique quite a bit in the last year but this needed some help.  It was bright but didn't pop! 

I love the new look and I am using this as inspiration to do a few more decoration creations.  This could get dangerous though because I just might want to redo my entire room! 

Are you up for the challenge?  Head on over to any of the hosts blogs to check out all the others that have accepted #tptsellerchallenge!