Five for Friday and a FREEBIE!

I've officially been on summer vacation for 4 weeks.  It's not even half over people!  That's the good news!  No bad news here, it's summer vacation!

Time for Five for Friday and if you hang in there with me I'll throw in a freebie for good measure!
I spent the morning at Red Rock Crossing with my girls.  The water was FREEZING and it was WONDERFUL.  If you've ever wondered how we manage in the Arizona heat, this is how we do it! 
I got these babies in the mail yesterday.  My husband wants to know what comes in a "Really Good Stuff" box but I'm not telling!  I bought 24 of these a couple of years ago for my library and now I'm adding 24 more in.  They really do the trick keeping books all together and grouped nicely.  They fit perfectly in the shelves I have too.  So next week I'll be printing all my new library labels and getting to work on that! 
This summer my goal was to have a spot to float in the back yard.  We did it, finally!  This was a huge undertaking but my afternoons are now spent lounging on a raft.  It makes summer time that much sweeter!

When I get obsessed with making something, I really go all out.  This summer has been all about classroom decor.  I want to make a new set for my teaching partner but I'm not sure what she would prefer so I just keep making different themes.  It's so fun!  It's like decorating a classroom over and over again in my head. :) 
My classroom is already done in brights.....
 I'm hoping she'll pick the chalkboard because I fell in love with it....
But I made some superhero stuff just in case.....
 Now I'm working on a ocean theme because I've been feeling really beachy lately....
It's a sickness I tell ya! 

I'm already thinking about what I'll do next.  Safari perhaps? 

I had a number 5...I know I did.  
Oh yeah, a freebie! 

I went ahead and put together this writing resource packet I've been working on.  I'm trying to get inspired to put down on paper exactly what I do to start the year in Writer's Workshop and pre-make all of my anchor charts and such so I am ready.  This is as far as I've gotten, so my procrastination (or laziness, or lack of creativity at the moment) is your gain!  Click to get it free in my store.
That's my Five for Friday and a freebie.  We need a link up called Freebie Friday, if anyone knows of one out there let me know.  That would be fun! 

Thanks for stopping by.  
PS......did you notice the new digs?  
My blog got a little facelift this summer and I'm loving it!  I loved my old design, I just needed some bells and whistles to keep me happy. :) 
 Happy Teaching!