Currently JUNE!

Listening to American Ninja Warrior.  Holy cow those people are in shape and strong!
Loving sleeping in!  This is possibly the best part of being a teacher :) I had a scary thought.  I'm already on week 2 (or is it 3) of summer vacation.  I had a little panic attack this morning thinking I'm wasting it away (sleeping in...oh the irony!).  I need to relax and enjoy my recharge time.
Wanting a real vacation.  A real one, where people wait on you hand and foot and you get massages on the beach and such.  Maybe some day but for now I have kids......
Needing a bathroom cleaning fairy.  Seriously, 2 days in a row now I haven't been able to make myself do it.
Summer Lovin'  I'm taking a little girls trip to Cali later this month, I look forward to some kayaking with friends, and I have 2 whole fun filled weeks of professional development in July.  I KNOW you are jealous!

Your turn to link up with Farley and check her information on Wimberley TX and the fund raiser she has set up to help out!