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Currently MAY!

This month just sneaks up on you.  Just when you think you have all the time in the world it comes down to those last few weeks.  

For Kindergarteners that's huge!  They are ready to be big ol' first graders.  It's an exciting time!
At my house I have senior.  Talk about a big deal!  Graduation is sneaking up on us FAST!  

Here is what I am up to CURRENTLY: 
Listening: To Bruno Mars on Pandora.  I really like listening to music while I'm on the computer.  It's the only time I do it. 
Loving:  3...MORE....WEEKS!  I'm ready for a break! 
Thinking:  I've been thinking non stop about my middle little who just signed up for the Navy on Friday.  She is in the delayed entry program which means she won't leave until November.  But still......I'm so excited for her new adventure and this fits her perfectly, but the thought that she will be leaving the nest (with no return in sight) is a little scary! 
Wanting:  I've been pricing, shopping, and comparing kayaks since last summer.  I'm stalking a local store to see if they go on sale but I'm ready to bite the bullet and buy one.  
Needing:  A Whole 30 Buddy.  I've started my work out routine, I got a Fitbit, and I'm trying.  I really am!  Now I need to try whole 30 to get some of my BAD eating habits under control. 
Summer:  I have no plans.  Zero, zilch, nada.  Since we will probably be traveling for Navy graduations this winter it will probably stay that way.  I do hope to drive to San Diego and stay with my sister for a week for a girls week.  I need a little beach time (hence the dream).  

That's it!  Next time we meet for Currently it will be summer!  Woohoo! 
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