Sharin' a Little Sunshine: Spring Linky

I'm thrilled to be linking up with Hello Sunshine for our very first linky!  Do you have anything SPRING to share?  You should link up too!
We have started a classroom garden thanks to our classroom Abuela who got us going.  I'm in love with this project already!  We started with 2 outdoor planters that are just outside our door and this summer we will have an even bigger classroom garden happening on our playground.  I can't wait!  
So my Spring tip is to grow something.  It can be as simple as grass in a cup or a planter outside or just some seeds in a bag.  Spring is all about renewal and growing something reminds us of that! 

My kiddos love taking turns watering our tomato plants.  We even have a couple of little tomatoes to watch (it helps if you get a mature plant!).

I use these centers every year throughout April and May.  They are best suited for 1st grade but there are plenty of activities for Kinders too!

I also have a little FREEBIE included in this one.  Click HERE to get it! 
We also write about earth day during the month of April.  It's a good time to talking about respect and caring and our kiddos are overflowing with ideas in this department!

So now it's your turn to link up or just head over and enjoy all the other posts.  Just click on the button to get to Hello Sunshine